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Cradlepoint is an industry leader in cloud-delivered cellular solutions for business, service providers, and government organizations.

Cradlepoint Product Lines

Cradlepoint Branch Adaptors

From retailers and restaurants to insurance companies, customer interactions and business operations have become highly dependent on connected devices, applications, and the cloud. Agility and reliable, secure network connections are crucial — requiring organizations to rethink traditional wired WAN approaches. Whether using cellular for a primary, hybrid, or secondary WAN link, the Cradlepoint NetCloud Service and wireless edge routers deliver best-in-class LTE and a built-in Pathway to 5G.

Flexible LTE adapters work with any branch or SD-WAN router to provide cellular connectivity. These powerful solutions maximize uptime for businesses that require always-on connectivity.

Cradlepoint Branch Routers

Cradlepoint branch routers provide industry-leading Gigabit-Class LTE, a Pathway to 5G and high-performance wired connectivity combined with multiple ports of Ethernet connectivity and Wi-Fi access.

Cradlepoint Mobile Routers

Ruggedized Gigabit-Class LTE router for the most demanding mobile networking applications.

Cradlepoint IOT Routers

For organizations that depend on IoT services and applications, gaining connectivity without compromising security is paramount. Cradlepoint NetCloud’s IoT edge-to-cloud service, delivered through purpose-built LTE routers, enables enterprises to quickly connect a wide spectrum of wired and wireless devices, dynamically segment traffic to combat security threats, and provide extensibility to SaaS analytics platforms. Built-in multi-role administration allows both Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) personnel to collaborate on deployment and management responsibilities from anywhere.

Cellular Gateways & Routers

More than 23,000 customers worldwide in retail, financial services, healthcare, transportation, public sector, and other industries rely on Cradlepoint to keep their branch and mobile networks, and IoT devices, always connected and protected.  

Purpose Built

Purpose-built for optimum deployment flexibility, the Cradlepoint modems COR IBR200 and IBR600 Series provide a compact and semi-ruggedized 4G LTE router solution that is ideal for an array of IoT and M2M use cases, including kiosks, ATMs, digital signage, remote monitoring, remote sensors and control systems, and Smart City infrastructure automation.

About Cradlepoint

Cradlepoint is a privately held company headquartered in Boise, Idaho, with a development center in Silicon Valley, California, and international offices in the UK and Australia.  

Novotech carries M2M networking router and gateways, and Cradlepoint Modems: COR IBR, AER and ARC CBA850 series. 


Cradlepoint Netcloud Manager

Cradlepoint NetCloud is a cloud-based subscription service that combines cloud management, software-defined networking, and unified edge security with industry-leading LTE and 5G cellular networking technology to power a portfolio of purpose-built wireless edge routers and adapters. A single cloud platform with wireless edge routers designed to connect fixed and mobile sites, vehicles, field forces, and loT devices over LTE and 5G cellular networks. Learn more about NetCloud.

Wherever Disasters Strike

Working with partners and emergency response organizations around the world, Cradlepoint wireless solutions enable rescue operations and support the delivery of vital services that help people recover and get on with life.

  • Pandemic response
  • Disaster relief efforts
  • Emergency internet access
  • Rural healthcare services
  • Life-saving medical aid
  • Critical infrastructure monitoring
  • Disaster response teams
  • Search and rescue
  • Safety surveillance
  • Emergency drop kits