Aardvark A1919T DR+GPS | Tilted Gyro | Reel of 100
Aardvark A1919T DR+GPS | Tilted Gyro | Reel of 100
Part #: 88788-50-10

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Aardvark A1919T DR+GPS | Tilted Gyro | Reel of 100

*Price per Unit | Min Order=100 | Must Order Multiples of 100 | For <100, See 88788-50-02.

The Trimble® Aardvark DR+GPS combines dead reckoning (DR) with GPS to produce accurate and instantaneous positions, even under the most difficult conditions. For service providers tracking high value or perishable cargo, Aardvark DR+GPS dramatically improves quality of service (QoS). Dead reckoning (DR) estimates position based on heading and distance traveled since the last known position. The more accurate the speed, time and heading inputs, the more accurate the dead reckoning. This is where GPS helps. GPS continuously calibrates the gyro and speed sensors to produce optimal dead reckoning. 

Aardvark DR+GPS has an on-board gyro sensor and accepts inputs from an odometer pulse and a forward/ reverse indicator. Its sophisticated DR+GPS algorithm autocalibrates these sensors and optimally blends the sensor inputs and GPS to produce accurate position and velocity outputs in the most hostile GPS environments. The Aardvark DR+GPS comes in two flavors: the -30 that must be flat mounted and the -50 that can be mounted in any orientation. The -50 version contains a three axis gyro and sophisticated algorithms to self-calibrate. This allows the module to be mounted in any orientation on your vehicle and still output the highest quality position and velocity measurements.

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