Why Buy a Better Antenna?

If you drive a car like this, you don’t try to save money by buying tires at Wal-Mart

Owners of high performance sports cars know that tires is one part of your car where you do not “cheap out”.  The reason?  Tires are the only part of your car that is actually touching the road, so they make a big difference in performance.

The same goes for your cellular antenna….it is the only part that is “touching” the network.

Using the right antenna for the job can be the difference between having a reliable solution and having to drive out a site at 2:00am when you cannot connect to it.

Why should your business use a high quality antenna?

Provides the maximum level of reliability   Just because you may receive 5 bars in your office, it does not guarantee coverage in the field.  Some areas may be further from a cell tower or may have things that interfere with cell signal (such as a lot of exterior walls).  As well, cellular networks dynamically react to a high level of usage….so you may be in coverage today and find less coverage tomorrow.


Improved cellular coverage = faster data speeds    Ever notice that your data speeds on your WiFi network get faster when you move closer to your home router?  Same idea happens on a cellular network….by using a better antenna, you will see a strong signal which can have dramatic results on your throughput speed.


Using a better antenna won’t really cost more in the end    Higher quality antennas can last many times longer than a lower quality one, meaning that over the life of your projects, you’ll pay about the same (or even less).


Lower Power usage   Sure, we all want to reduce our power usage, so this can benefit everyone, but if you are powering your location with either a battery or a solar panel, it will be much more important for you.  Devices in stronger coverage simply use less power than those that are in lower quality coverage.


Who needs high quality antennas the most?

You can easily argue that any cellular deployment would benefit from a higher quality antenna…..and you would be right.  However, if you are using an antenna in one deployments, it is even more vital:


Remote deployments (Oil/Gas, Forestry, Mining, etc)

Utilities / Smart Energy

Retail, Restaurants and Hospitality


Temporary Events (especially if you do not know the coverage before you arrive)

Mobile applications

Not every application needs the top of the line antenna…..start with Novotech to find out the antenna that best meets your needs.



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