Digi Routers

Digi manufactures hundreds of products with new innovations added on a regular basis. Novotech offers a selection of Digi's non-embedded products including the rugged Digi Connect Sensor, a battery-powered cellular gateway solution designed for remote monitoring without DC power, as well as Digi Transport cellular routers which are ideal for enterprise use. 

WR11:  Secure 3G/4G LTE cellular router for retail, point-of-sale and gaming applications

WR21:  Compact, flexible, low-cost 3G/4G LTE M2M enterprise router

WR31:  Intelligent 4G LTE router designed for critical infrastructure and industrial applications
WR41:  Enterprise class cellular router for remote and mobile applications
WR44:  Enterprise class, commercial grade WiFi to cellular router with interface options

Connect Sensor:  A fully integrated, battery-powered cellular gateway with I/O for connecting to a wide range of external sensors

XLR Pro: Features a long-range 900 MHz industrial radio designed to replace Ethernet or serial-cable connectivity for transmitting remote field data. 

LR54: High speed LTE Advanced and Wi-Fi router in a durable hardware package for demanding M2M applications.