InHand Networks

InHand Networks is a leader in industrial M2M products and solutions. Its complete product portfolio covers M2M Cloud platforms, industrial cellular routers, industrial Ethernet switches, intelligent gateways, industrial computing, wireless sensor networks, and power line monitoring systems. 

InRouter600 Series
InRouter600 Series: Integrating 3G/4G cellular routing and VPN  technologies, the InRouter600 is a series of entry-level industrial IoT routers that provide uninterrupted network access, easy deployment and comprehensive remote  device management for light industrial and commercial  applications. The InRouter600-S  series  features 1/5 Ethernet ports, Wi-Fi and DIN-Rail/Wall mounting options, meeting the requirements of different applications.   

InRouter900 SeriesAs a full-featured InRouter series, the InRouter900 is ruggedized industrial 3G/4G LTE wireless routers/gateways that provide highly-reliable, high-speed and secure communications. It features 2/5 Ethernet ports, Dual SIM cards, redundant WAN connection, VPN data security, Python programming and Microsoft Azure IoT Device Certification. InRouter900 is ideal for M2M and mission critical applications including smart grid, remote automation, smart transportation and etc.