Sierra MG90….for when it really matters

Why Choose the MG90?

For most of us, a good day at the office is when the vending machine gives you an extra Coffee Crisp.  For some, however, a good day is simply when they come home safe to their family.

Sierra MG90 was meant for those who simply need to have the most reliable, secure and fast connection at all times to do their job.

Why is the MG90 the best Mobile Gateway on the market?

It’s a Fast way to get on the Internet….uses the quickest networks for maximum throughput

It’s also fast locally….Highest speeds, both wired and wireless, on a cellular device

It’s public or private, depending on your needs…..Works on both public LTE and Band 14 networks

It’s secure….Uses industry leading security features and technology

It’s flexible … Works with multiple cellular networks, Satellite, Private radio and Wifi…you pick.

It’s easy to manage ….Uses industry leading management tools to keep it working

Who needs it?

Anyone who needs a rugged, reliable connection in the field is on this list.

However, it is especially built to meet the needs of:

Public Safety
Government / Military

The Cost of not using the best

Vulnerability…Most devices do not pay as close attention to security as the MG90.  You know who knows that?  Hackers and Thieves.

Downtime … How do you measure downtime?  For a transit company, it may be a bus sitting idle, costing thousands of dollars per day.  For a Utility company, it may mean customers not being able to use their power.  For a police officer, it may cost them their lives.

Upfront vs. On-going … Sure, the MG90 costs more than many other modems.  However, one has to factor in what a device costs during its life in the field.  When a device allows you to off-load some data-intensive applications to a Wifi connection (saving hundreds of dollars per year in data charges), allows you to do all key upgrades in the field (saving you on-site visits) and lasts 2x as long as the standard modem, it doesn’t take long to see how these devices often pay for themselves in the long-run.

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