Sierra Wireless AirLink Raven RV50 

In addition to being the lowest power consumption LTE device in the market, the AirLink® Raven RV50 is a functional replacement for the Raven XT and Raven XE. It combines the functionality of both the Raven XE and XT gateways into a single product. Additionally, it allows customers to migrate deployments to LTE. The Raven RV50 ships with a DC power cable by default. An AC adapter (P/N reference 2000492) is available as an optional accessory.

Raven RV50 | Industrial LTE Gateway | North America
Raven RV50 | Industrial LTE Gateway | North America
Part #: 1102555
List Price: US$589.00
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With LTE coverage on major global networks, the Raven RV50 brings the benefits of broadband connectivity to the most challenging environments, where servicing is not an option and power is often scarce.
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