Trimble Modules

These devices are designed to be the GPS and GNSS positioning heart embedded in portable devices. Some of the embedded devices have inertial and accelerometer sensors to enable DR (dead reckoning) functions.

Condor GPS Series: Features major advancements in signal tracking for applications working in poor signal environments. With their higher sensitivity, performance and faster startup times, the Condor GPS modules enable system integrators to easily add Global Positioning System (GPS) capability to a mobile device with minimal impact on its size or battery life at a very economical price. The Condor GPS series includes modules with different form factors and interface options.

Copernicus II SeriesFor the demands of automated, high-volume production processes, the Copernicus II module is a complete 12-channel SBAS (which includes WAAS, EGNOS) capable GPS receiver in a 19 mm W x 19 mm L x 2.54 mm H (0.75 W x 0.75 L x 0.1 H) thumbnail-sized module. You can order this as a 20 piece module package for evaluation or as tape on reel, either 100 pieces or 500 pieces.

Buffalo SeriesThe Buffalo B1919 GNSS receiver provides L1 Frequency GPS and GLONASS - using the NMEA protocol from the serial port, and also a PPS timing output. Buffalo can acquire and track using a combined solution of GPS and GLONASS. Galileo support is available through a firmware upgrade.

Aardvark DR+GPS Series: Combines dead reckoning (DR) with Global Positioning System (GPS) technology on a single, compact board. When GPS signals are limited or not available, such as in urban canyons and tunnels, the Trimble Aardvark DR+GPS module provides reliable and accurate positioning information. It is an ideal solution for system integrators or OEMs who are adding dead reckoning capabilities to vehicle navigation, fleet management and asset tracking systems.