Signal Boosters

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Signal Booster is a type of amplifier used to enhance signal strength across multiple applications, making it possible to use your favorite devices in areas with little to no reception.

How does poor cell coverage hurt your business?

  • Dropped calls affect productivity 
  • Contributes to poor data speeds
  • Lowers your service level 
  • Wears out batteries, shorter device life.

How Novotech can help:

  • DIY deployment
     Novotech has one of the best product line-ups for those who want to do it themselves. Start shopping or get a quote today.

  • Expert consultation
    Our sales staff can recommend the best solutions and hardware for your project.

  • Everything you need
    From top of the line high gain antennas to custom cables- Novotech has a great line of accessories and in-house services when you need something tailored to your business.

  • Professional installation
    Novotech works with a number of great professional companies who can accommodate both large and small areas.