Meet Our Leadership Team

Leading the way in IoT innovation.


Richard Hobbs

Richard Hobbs - President

Whether at work or on the golf course, Richard has serious drive. Back in 1995, Richard founded High Tech Direct as a division of Dynasty Components Inc (DCI), a publicly traded company. He remained an officer at DCI until he established Novotech as a private company in 2001.  As President of Novotech and a 20+ year veteran in wireless, he is dedicated to driving the company’s growth and profitability.

When not golfing (which is rare) or finding new business partners and M2M/IoT technologies (which is even rarer), Richard is a foodie who enjoys spending time with his family and friends, listening to music and riding his motorcycle. He's also a football fanatic who coaches several local football teams.  Thanks to the wireless world that Richard lives and breathes, he has truly mastered a respectable ‘work hard / play hard’ attitude that often overlaps. This attitude is proving positive for the overall performance of Novotech, not to mention Richard’s dream of being a scratch golfer. Richard has an Honours Degree in Economics and a golf handicap of 7.


Larry Bellehumeur

Larry Bellehumeur - VP Marketing

Following several years of managing Novotech’s Sales Team, Larry is now the Creative Lead for the Marketing Team which encompasses all activities related to Marketing, Communications, Public Relations, Social Media, Services & Solutions Development and Partner Development/Relations.

With close to 20 years experience in the world of IoT, Larry brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this role.  He initially became part of the Novotech team when the company that he founded, MobileForce Solutions, was acquired by Novotech in 2010.  Prior to that, he held several senior management positions in the wireless industry.  To see how he thinks, read his IoT Blog

When not out on the trails going for a run, Larry is active stock trader who has been featured in publications such as The Globe and Mail, Canadian Business and the Associated Press.  


Lora Simpson

Lora Simpson, CPA, CGA - VP Finance & Ops

If it has something to do with administration – accounting, information systems or human resources – it’s likely got Lora’s signature on it. As Novotech’s VP of Finance & Operations, with more than 15 years of financial experience, Lora is no stranger to numbers. Prior to joining Novotech, she was the Director of Finance & Administration for AssetMetrix which was sold to a little company called Microsoft Corporation. Lora was also the Director of Finance & Administration for the Ottawa Tourism & Convention Authority, as well as ... the Controller and acting CFO for MetroPhotonics. Don’t bother trying to argue about numbers with Lora because she is a Certified General Accountant who also holds a business degree with a major in accounting.

Scott Deyoe

Scott Deyoe - VP Engineering

For all things technical, it’s time to meet Scott. As Novotech’s Vice President  of Engineering, Scott helps customers bring M2M/IoT solutions from concept to commercial introduction. While not quite as intelligent as Richard (let’s face it, no one is), Scott is a smart guy with extensive knowledge of the wireless industry. In addition to being a Field Applications Engineer at Sierra Wireless and Wavecom, Scott was also a Senior Sales Engineer at Airbiquity. Before that, he held many senior positions (aka: borderline “lifer”) at Delphi in the automotive industry. Fortunately, Scott turned down several tempting car salesman opportunities to be part of the Novotech team.

Alex Aubie

Alex Aubie - VP Sales & Channels

As VP Sales & Channels, Alex is responsible for sales team leadership, driving revenue, running channel relations, as well as general management responsibilities. Alex combines his extensive background in sales, business development and product marketing to manage and enhance strategic relationships in the M2M/IoT space. His hands-on experience in developing and communicating sales plans across multiple channels enables Alex to understand and implement customer goals that meet and exceed objectives.