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Check out the Airgain Comparison chart below to compare technology, form factor, size and more! Airgain antenna products have been adopted by some of the world’s leading telecom manufacturers and networking companies. They are now being used by millions of carrier subscribers in North America, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

Airgain Comparison Chart

Antenna Model Image Application Technology Size
CENTURION Next 9-in-1 (5G) Dome Antenna
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Fleet Solutions 4xLTE | 4xWiFi | 1xGNSS High-Performance External IP67 Antenna H: 82.7 mm W: 113.6 mm L: 186 mm
CENTURION 9-in-1 Quad LTE Dome Antenna
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Fleet Solutions 4xLTE | 4xWiFi | 1xGNSS High-Performance External IP67 Antenna H: 57.7 mm W: 113.6 mm L: 186 mm
MULTIMAX FV 6-in-1 Sharkfin Antenna
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Fleet Solutions 2xLTE | 3xWiFi | 1xGNSS 6-in-1 Compact External IP67 Antenna H: 62.6 mm W: 62.1 mm L: 161 mm
ULTRAMAX Glass Covert Antenna
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Fleet Solutions 2xLTE | 1xWiFi | 1xGNSS High-Performance Windshield Mount Antenna H: 17.02 mm W: 57.40 mm L: 172.47 mm
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Fleet Solutions 2xLTE | 4xWiFi | 1xGNSS Up to 7-in-1 High-Performance External IP67 Antenna H: 55.4 mm D: 194.3 mm
ULTRAMAX B Dome Antenna
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Fleet Solutions 1xLTE | 1xWiFi | 1xGNSS IP67 Antenna H: 55.4 mm D: 194.3 mm
M2MAX CCWWG Sharkfin Antenna
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M2M Solutions 2xLTE | 2xWiFi | 1xGNSS IP67 Antenna H: 55.5 mm W: 65 mm L: 122.9 mm
M2M Low Profile Covert Antenna
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M2M Solutions 2xLTE | 1xGNSS IP67 Antenna H: 28.6 mm W: 67.6 mm L: 174.8 mm
OPTOMX M2M MIMO Salt Shaker Antenna
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M2M Solutions 2xLTE Salt Shaker LTE MIMO IP67 Antenna H: 92 mm D: 63.3 mm
M2M SN/SB Salt Shaker Antenna
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M2M Solutions 1xLTE Salt Shaker LTE IP67 Antenna H: 82.2 mm D: 42.5 mm
Available Cable Lengths All antennas are available with cables ranging from 6 inches to 100 feet or more. The most common cable length is 15 feet.

Antenna Connectors

How Do I Know I Have The Right Part Number?

We can help you choose the right antenna technology, form factor, cable length, mount type and colour!

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What is the difference between SMA and Reverse Polarity SMA?

The male RP-SMA connector has the same external housing as a standard male SMA connector, except the center male pin is replaced by a receptacle. The female RP-SMA connector has the same housing as a standard female SMA connector. However, the pin found on a male SMA connector is on the female RP-SMA connector. Reverse polarity SMA is designed to prevent the unauthorized connection of an external antenna to increase the range.

Antenna Connection Options

SMA Male & SMA Female TNC Male & TNC Female N-Type

Common Connection Types  SMA  TNC  N type
SMA and TNC available in male, female, and reverse polarity
Other Connection Types Available BNC, SMB, Mini UHF, MCX, MMCX, PL259, FAKRA C - Female, FAKRA D - Female

Antenna Glossary

Below are some antenna terms you need to know while shopping:

Fleet Solutions

The processes that fleet managers utilize to manage all fleet and asset information, from acquisition through to disposal. This enables companies to reduce costs, improve efficiency and ensure compliance across an entire fleet operation.


Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) refers to a constellation of satellites providing signals from space that transmit positioning and timing data to GNSS receivers. The receivers then use this data to determine location.

By definition, GNSS provides global coverage. Examples of GNSS include Europe’s Galileo, the USA’s NAVSTAR Global Positioning System (GPS), Russia’s Global'naya Navigatsionnaya Sputnikovaya Sistema (GLONASS) and China’s BeiDou Navigation Satellite System.

High Power LTE

High Power User Equipment (HPUE) is a special class of user equipment for the LTE cellular network.

M2M solutions

Machine-to-machine or M2M refers to technologies making communication between industrial machinery, sensors, assets and us humans possible.

Communications are made possible using an intelligent device embedded within a machine which can capture data and transmit it wirelessly (or wired). This data can then be used in many ways, for instance to monitor performance, track and alert issues and improve output.

IP67 Antenna

IP67 means the unit can be dropped into a body of water up to a meter deep for half an hour, while IP68 guarantees protection in water up to 1.5m deep for the same period of time. Both are resistant to dus


Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) is a wireless technology that uses multiple transmitters and receivers to transfer more data at the same time. All wireless products with 802.11n support MIMO. The technology helps allow 802.11n to reach higher speeds than products without 802.11n.

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