Benefits of Better Coverage

In today’s fast-paced business world, there is no such thing as “9 to 5”….

Business is done everywhere…from the car, the mall and even at your kid’s soccer game.  There is no time or patience for letting poor signal strength interfere with your productivity.

Let Novotech help you ensure that you are at your most productive by improving your cellular coverage where it matters the most….

How does poor cell coverage hurt your business?

Lowers your productivity  Dropping calls, having to move into different rooms to make calls and having to call people back simply takes away from your team’s ability to do their job.  This also applies to the poor data speeds that occur in bad coverage….. Even 5-10 minutes per day really adds up.  

Lowers your service level  Sure, customers understand that a dropped call is not your fault, you didn’t build the smartphone or the network.  However, it does hurt your image and leave a bad impression if it happens often.

Increases your smartphone hardware costs  The first thing that normally wears out on a smartphone is its battery.  Lower coverage causes the battery to drain faster each time, requiring excessive charging.  This results in a shorter overall device life.  Better coverage can often extend your device’s battery life by 50-100%.

Customers may leave faster than you want  Cell coverage is not just about your employees, it is about your customers.  If a customer cannot get sufficient coverage, they will shorten their stay, or even leave.  This will hurt your sales and your brand image.

3 Ways to improve your signal

In a particular area: Area enhancement solutions are designed to enhance the cellular signal for all devices in a particular area…..from a small showroom to a huge arena.  All devices in this area benefit from these solutions.  

For a single device: In-Line enhancement solutions offer improved coverage for a single device deployment.  These are commonly used for sites that are remote or mobile.  Industries that use these solutions regularly include:  Power Utilities, Oil/Gas, Government and Environmental monitoring.

In your vehicle:  Mobile Signal enhancement solutions are designed for the harsh life of a road warrior.  They increase the cell signal while in the car to ensure that important calls stay connected and you can access key information when you need it, where you need it.

How Novotech can help

Do-it-yourself Hardware solutions   Novotech has one of the best product line-ups for those who want to do it themselves. Click here to see our roster of great offerings.

Great line-up of accessories   Sometimes, you need something extra to get the job done, ranging from a higher gain antenna to having the cable length be a bit longer.  Novotech has a great line of accessories and in-house service when you need something special.

Professional installation done right   In some cases, it just makes sense to have it done by a professional…..from extremely large areas, ones where there are longer cable runs or when there is a difficult mount for the antenna.  Novotech works with a number of great professional companies who will do the job right the first time!