Area Enhancement 

If you’ve ever had to go outside in bad weather to make an important phone call, this solution is for you….

Cellular network providers spend billions each year to push network coverage into new areas, but even they can’t make it work everywhere.  Whether it is in a basement, in an area with super thick exterior walls or in a very remote area, sometimes you need a “boost” to make you more productive.

Area Enhancement solutions
are designed to improve the cellular signal in a particular area, whether it is a small room or the largest sports arenas.  They improve the signal for all devices, improving productivity, your data speeds, battery life and improving your customer service.


How they work

Although you may have strong cellular coverage outside in a particular area, the same might not be said for inside.  Outside walls made of concrete, metal rooms and even interior walls all contribute to reducing the cell signal inside.

Area Enhancement solutions work by taking the coverage from the outside and extending it inside, creating a “bubble” of ideal coverage for you and your customers.  They do this by not only increasing the signal but also by improving the quality.

The result?  You get better coverage in all areas of your business.

Different options for different spaces

Smaller offices installations
are usually able to be done without professional installation.  They generally involve no outside antenna installation and are usually sufficient for areas up to 5000 square feet.  For most installations, it can generally be done in under an hour (sometimes in as little as 10-15 minutes!)

Complex installations
are when either some specialized equipment (such as high-gain antennas and customized cable lengths) are use or when cables have to be run inside of walls and ceilings.  Some users may be able to install these themselves, but in most cases, it is advisable to have it done by a professional for best results.

Large scale installations
is when more complex pieces of equipment have to be deployed.  As well, they often involve the complexity of doing “signal site surveys” and other diagnostics.  With very few exceptions, it makes sense for these installations to be done by a skilled installation company.

For any size of space or complexity of installation, Novotech is only place you need to go.  We have the products, the expertise and the services to help you get the job done right.