In-line Enhancement 


In most urban areas, it is rare to have a location that doesn’t have good cell coverage.  When you work out here, you need all the help you can get.

Smart companies use In-Line Enhancement solutions to increase the signal strength of their deployments.

The Cost of Low cellular coverage in remote deployments

Decreased Signal Reliability  
Cellular networks are “dynamic”, which means that they have the ability to change their signal pattern based on usage.  This is great when you have usage peaks, but it tends to come at the cost of reducing “fringe” coverage.  So, even when you have coverage now, it may change.  Improving the cell signal ensures strong coverage, even when the network changes.

Data Speeds   As your signal strength/quality goes down, so does your data speeds.  For some applications that are not speed sensitive, this may not matter as much.  However, for most applications, a drop in speed can decrease productivity and reduce the effectiveness.

Increased Power consumption  
For most people, the most annoying part about using more power is a higher utility bill.  However, if your site is powered by batteries, solar panels or generators, you need to be concerned about any extra drain.  A device in lower coverage can use dramatically more power, driving up your costs.

How In-Line Enhancement solutions help

By increasing the power of the cellular signal, these solutions are able to increase the cellular coverage for most remotely deployed devices, such as cellular modems and other devices that use the cellular network to communicate.

Better Cellular Coverage

The results are improved cellular reception (often times reception where there was none previously), better data throughput speeds and a reduced power consumption for the solution

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