Mobile Signal Enhancement

It 2:00am and you are driving on a country road when smoke comes out of the front of your truck.  Now is not the time to find out you have no cell coverage….

Mobile Signal Enhancement solutions can help maximize coverage for mobile situations, such as temporary deployments, in-vehicle deployments or mobile work.

Why Smart companies use these solutions:


Mobile work = uncertainty   When you are a road warrior, work can come up at any time and it usually does not wait until you are in great coverage.  Maximizing the cellular coverage at all times ensures that you have the best chance of success.


You don’t have time to set up   For most mobile applications, there isn’t time to set up a full antenna system, you need it to work now.  Mobile Signal Enhancement solutions are always working when you need them.


People value cellular coverage   If you are on an 8 hour bus ride, the least you want to be able to do is to communicate.  While some transportation companies offer complimentary Wi-Fi, many are also enhancing the cellular signal for the passengers so that they do not miss important texts or phone calls.

Who uses these solutions?

Mobile workers
use them to stay in touch, retrieve valuable information and to increase safety

Temporary deployments
like Construction sites, disaster recovery crews and Oil companies use them to increase the coverage for their workers to maintain productivity and safety.

Parks and other remote areas
can use them to provide locations where their guests can access their cell phone, to stay in touch and for safety.

Transportation companies
use them to provide enhanced cellular coverage for their guests, often increasing ridership.  For an extra benefit, many of them combine this with a Mobile on-board Wi-Fi hotspot for web traffic.

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