To help in choosing the correct cellular terminal for your application, see the chart below.

Industry-first LTE CAT1 wireless module to revolutionize highly efficient 4G LTE connectivity tailored for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and industrial Internet of Things (IoT) applications  2G Connectivity, full voice capabilities, high-speed GPRS data, and best-in-class low power consumption Unique Features Simple and reliable plug-and-play 3G connectivity device that allows new M2M implementers to quickly connect their industrial applications using wireless technology Always-on 2G connectivity and a powerful Java embedded virtual machine that significantly reduces device complexity and Bill of Material (BOM) while improving cost efficiency.
4G LTE 2G/3G Fallback 2G Cell Technology 3G 2G
  • FOTA configurable and free of charge
  • Flexible mounting concept
  • Embedded TCP/IP stack
  • Java™ embedded
  • Compact Size
  • Large Input Voltage Range
  • Flexible Mounting
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Quad-Band 2G
  • FOTA configurable and free of charge
  • Flexible mounting concept
  • Advanced Temperature Management
  • USB 2.0
  • Java™ embedded​
  • FOTA configurable and free of charge
  • Flexible mounting concept
  • Advanced Temperature Management
  • USB 2.0
  • Java™ embedded
L30960-N2700-A100 Ordering SKU L30960-N4500-A200
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Gemalto Development Tools and Support

Whether you’re an experienced wireless developer or just dabbling in IoT for the first time, Gemalto’s Cinterion Development Tools and online Developer Community provides everything you need to quickly transform concepts into prototypes and prototypes into market ready integrated solutions. Our unique one-stop-shop approach to IoT streamlines the development process and reduces complexity, significantly shortening project timelines.


The Cinterion Concept Board:  An IoT Innovation Incubator


The Cinterion Concept Board is a user-friendly extendable development kit leveraging Java and IoT Modules Services platform to allow quick IoT application design and prototyping, as well as simplified remote device monitoring. The all in one kit provides a simple environment with everything needed to take an idea and transform it into a market ready IoT application in just hours versus weeks or months. This includes Arduino-styled connectors, cellular connectivity enabled by a powerful Cinterion IoT Module, and a SIM card holder.


Cinterion Connect Shield: IoT Prototyping Made Easy with Arduino


The Cinterion Connect Shield is a simple maker board that combines flexible Arduino open source platform with Gemalto’s reliable and highly efficient cellular connectivity. Easily mounted to an existing Arduino stack or integrated with the Cinterion Concept Board, it gives inventors of all levels the opportunity to play in the global cellular ecosystem and experience the benefits, diversity and scalability first hand.


The Gemalto Developer Community: The Definitive Source of IoT Expertise


The Gemalto Developer community is your definitive online source for IoT development support and inspiration and an ideal place to begin a DIY project, clear a development roadblock, sell your success or help other developers. It offers a solid knowledge base for beginners and an interactive forum where you can get advice and share your expertise. You can also visit a library of current IoT applications and use cases for project inspiration and even download sample code and re-usable drivers to expedite your project timeline.