Connected Lighting

Cities are bright places, even in the middle of the night.  They use a variety of lights to do so … streetlights, lights at baseball fields and traffic lights, just to name a few.  When one of these lights does not work as needed, it can prove costly to a city, including an increase in crime.

Connected lights offer many benefits to a city:

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Applications of Connecting Lighting

IoT solutions can benefit businesses by enabling:

Be notified of a light that is not producing the desired level of brightness to replace it before it dies

  • When a light is not as bright as it needs to be, this can make things almost as unsafe as if it was completely burned out.
  • Light sensors alert to low levels of light, especially in high traffic areas.
  • This improves both safety and prevents crime.

Reduce costs by only lighting key areas when they are in use

  • Keeping lights on when no one is there to use them is wasteful, both from an ongoing power usage side as well as prematurely wearing out the lights.
  • Motion sensors allow for lights to be used when someone is there to enjoy them


To develop these applications for you business, you need hardware, software and in most cases, custom solutions. Reach out to one of sales staff to start developing your solution with us.

We carry all the top brands in IoT Gateways Routers Modems-Brands like Sierra, Inhand, Machine Q carry what you need to start.

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Indoor / Outdoor digital signage

With consumers no longer watching commercial-based television or listening to traditional radio as they once did; marketers are forced to find new ways to get their message out. This has led to an increase in demand for digital signage, both inside of stores and malls and outdoors. Although signage has been around for many, many years, businesses can harness the power of IoT to enhance outdoor and digital signage opportunities. Below are some benefits IoT solutions can bring to signage:

Traffic Optimization and Data Reporting

Allowing for an increase in flexibility of placement and to move it around based on traffic.

    • As mentioned, cellular devices allow for flexible placement of your signs. This means that you can place them in high-traffic areas as needed without the need to look for a landline connection to plug into.
    • This also allows for them to be used in 3rd party locations, such as marketers who may wish to put up a temporary sign/display in a retail store.


Offering the ability to customize messages based on location (ideal for mobile deployments)

    • Most cellular gateways offer the ability to gather GPS location data, so you know where they are at all times.
    • This same data can be fed into your application to allow you to change the messaging based on the location of the sign. This is ideal for mobile deployments, such as on the side of a bus.

Ease Of Use

Allowing for a much quicker set up time than traditional landline connections

  • In most areas, landlines can take days or weeks to be installed. Cellular devices can be up in minutes.
  • Most landline connections will be “demarcated” (brought into the building) in basements or utility closets. This means that you need to set up costly connections to get access where you need it to be.  Cellular products can be placed in more flexible locations

Quality Assurance

Providing a single “pane of glass” to see the connectivity of all of your devices

  • Many businesses will deploy signs across different jurisdictions, meaning that you often need to deal with many different landline providers. This also means that you may need to use many different tools to manage your devices.
  • Cellular-based products work in all areas and allow you to use the same tool to view the status of your devices, wherever they may be located.

A gateway used to manage the device and allow changes from remote office.  It is configured remotely through cellular technology


With a router Head office could remotely change content across all devices instantly


To develop these applications for you business, you need hardware, software and in most cases, custom solutions. Reach out to one of sales staff to start developing your solution with us.

We carry all the top brands in IoT Gateways Routers Modems-Brands like Sierra, Inhand, Cradlepoint, and DIGI carry what you need to start.

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Network failover

In today's world it is no longer a luxury for organizations to have a safe, reliable and constant connection, it is a necessity. Cellular gateways ensure that you have a connection, regardless of your situation, including:

  • As a backup connection to your existing landline connection
  • As a primary connection when a landline connection is not available or for temporary deployments, such as working at a remote site
  • As a connection for a Mobile or Vehicle-based deployment


A secure and reliable Internet connection is not a luxury to any business, it is a requirement to keep things running smoothly. From processing financial transactions, to receiving orders online from customers to being able to communicate with customers and suppliers, your business needs Internet access at all times.

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In-Building Coverage

What is in-building coverage?

Your customers rely on their smartphones for everything. This means that if they do not have cellular coverage, they are out of the loop, even if you offer complimentary Wi-Fi connectivity. This means that if you have bad coverage, many customers will not stay for long. Along the same lines, your employees also need strong cellular coverage to communicate with their customers more than ever before.

Always Available

  • Many customer-focused areas (malls, airports, etc.) offer customers free Wi-Fi access to receive messages. However, many customers prefer to use their own cellular connection for privacy and other reasons.  As well, many emergencies are still received via a cellular-based telephone call.
  • If customers are unable to receive a strong cellular signal, many will avoid spending long periods in your location or in some cases, avoid your location altogether.
  • Offering enhanced cellular signal is a low-cost way to keep your customers happy.

Accessible for Kiosks and Pop-ups

  • Many vendors are looking to drive both traction to their products at retail stores and other high traffic areas as well as to engage customers using tools like social media. To do this, many are using interactive displays and kiosks.
  • Many of them will look to connect these displays to the Internet using cellular connectivity. However, many stores may not have ideal coverage in the most desired areas.
  • Enhanced cellular coverage allows your vendors to set up the displays where they need to.

Longer Lasting

  • With the move towards doing work anywhere and at any time, your team relies more on their mobile devices than ever before. This means that they may need to reach for the charger more often than they used to.
  • When you have bad coverage in your office, you make this problem worse. Simply, phones and tablets work harder when the coverage is bad.  This reduces the battery life and the overall life of the device
  • Having superior cellular coverage means that your team’s device needs to be charged less and will have a longer life in the field.

Clear Information

  • Can you hear me now? Nothing is more aggravating to your customers than to hear that from your team while on the phone.
  • Devices both download data faster (allowing them to be more productive) and have better voice quality if you enhance the coverage in your locations.


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Mobile Computing

Enterprises and their mobile workers need always-on connectivity to their mission-critical applications. Computing manufacturers are delivering. With built-in cellular connectivity in business laptops and tablets, mobile workers can stay securely and reliably connected to business applications and improve collaboration no matter where they are—even when Wi-Fi is unavailable.

With the increased speed and coverage of cellular data networks, employees are able to do more outside of the office than ever before. 4G networks (and soon 5G) provide speeds that allow your team to do everything they could in the office, including real-time applications like video conferencing.

Reduce Unwanted Downtime

Employees can quickly and securely access key systems to improve customer service and reduce unwanted downtime. This also reduces the amount they have to travel, lowering fuel costs.

Safer Browsing

2. Today, many workers use home or public Wi-Fi networks to access data. While there are security precautions that can be done, this opens up an element of risk for your organization. Using cellular networks ensures that your traffic is not accessible via an insecure network.


Mobile Computing has gained more effectiveness with faster speeds from recent cellular networks and the increased level of coverage.

4G allowed for workers to be able to achieve some real-time applications like streaming videos, VoIP and video messaging applications. 5G is expected to provide enough speed for a complete office experience wherever you go.


Cellular offers corporations and governments the ability to control more aspects of their worker’s experience. Many workers use public and home Wi-Fi solutions, which have the potential to introduce viruses and attacks. By keeping workers off of those networks, the corporation is more in control.


As well, cellular networks allow for the filtering of traffic, which prevents unwanted viruses from even entering your network, as well as allowing you to implement policies easier.


Novotech represents many cellular module manufacturers who’s products power that cellular connectivity. Some of these manufactures include Gemalto, Digi, Sequans and Trimble.