InRouter IR615-S w/WiFi, Verizon

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This product is now End of Life. Please see the InHand Networks Line Card page for alternatives or contact Novotech Sales

Variations of the InRouter IR615-S w/WiFi, Verizon


A Rugged, Dual SIM, LTE Failover Router

Featuring rugged design, stable connection, VPN data security, and easy to manage capabilities, the InRouter615-S industrial LTE router is ideal for business continuity and light industrial applications. Now available with the LTE CAT 6/CAT 1/CAT 4/CAT 3/CAT M1, the InRouter615-S is able to provide high-speed LTE connectivity and more cost-effective solutions for M2M/IoT.

Continuous Connectivity

Stable connection is essential for unattended businesses. Unreliable networking product is unable to recover from failures and onsite maintenance is required to conduct manual reboot, which results in longer downtime and increased costs.

Embedded with hardware watchdog, the InRouter615-S is able to maintain high level of availability. It also supports multi-layer auto link detection and recovery to automatically recover from various failures, ensuring business uptime. Also load balancing function is better for bandwidth use.


The InRouter615-S supports multiple and professional configuration tools covering every step from onsite installation, Internet access to daily maintenance, making it easy for industry customers to complete the deployment and management of large-scale dispersed devices.

  • Easy Deployment: The InRouter615-S supports Ethernet, 3G/4G and Wi-Fi to meet different onsite requirements; provides multiple installation options for various environments.
  • Easy Management: The InRouter615-S provides professional network configuration and management tools including easy-to-use web interface, helping customers easily manage large-scale distributed networks.

IR615 as an Excellent Failover Router

Are you just considering failover for your home or business. Read this article that explains the various types of failover. You will see how important it is for your business, large or small.

Items InRouter615-S
Ethernet Ports

1*10/100Mbps, WAN;
4*10/100Mbps, LAN;
1.5KV isolated protection

Power Supply DC9-26V 
Serial Port

1* serial port (RS-232 or RS-485)
15KV ESD protection

SIM Holder Drawer Card Holder x1 
Reset Pinhole Reset Button
Antenna Connector 3G/4G: SMA x 2, WLAN: RP-SMA x 2 

Standard: DIN-rail mounting
Optional: Wall/Hanger mounting

Dimension (mm) 127x108.2x35
Housing  Metal 
Protection Level  IP30 
Cooling No Fan
Power Consumption
Standby  120mA-200mA@12V
Operating 150mA-320mA@12V
Peak 320mA@12V
Wi-Fi Transmit Power

Transmit Power

802.11b:16dBm +/-2dBm(11Mbps)
802.11g:16dBm +/-2dBm(54Mbps)
802.11n@2.4GHz:16dBm +/-2dBm (HT20 MCS7)
802.11n@2.4GHz:16dBm +/-2dBm (HT40 MCS7)

Humidity 5 ~ 95% relative humidity (noncondensing) 
Storage Temp  -40 ~ 85¬¨‚àû
Working Temp -20 ~ 70°
LED Indicators
PWR  Power indicator 
STATUS Operation status indicator 
WARN Warn indicator
ERR Error indicator
WLAN Wi-Fi indicator 
Signal Strength 3 indicators, 3 levels of cellular signal strength


Electrostatic Discharge Immunity EN61000-4-2, level 3 
RFI Radio Frequency Immunity EN61000-4-3, level 3
Electrical Fast Transient/Burst Immunity EN61000-4-4, level 3
Surge  EN61000-4-5, level 3
Immunity to Conducted Disturbances EN61000-4-6, level 3 
Shockwave Immunity EN61000-4-12, level 3 
Certification  CE(EMC&LVD&RF&Temperature), FCC, PTCRB
Warranty 3 years
No accessories information available
No industry information available

Recommended Antennas for the IR615


The IR615 ships with 4 hardware-mounted antennas.

However, in general, externally mounted antennas enable the router or gateways to achieve better performance.

When selecting a combination antenna for the IR615, consider the following:

  • There are 2 LTE, 2 Wi-Fi antenna connectors for the IR615.
  • The most common connector types for the IR615 are SMA on LTE & GNSS, RP SMA on Wi-Fi.



Look for part numbers that begin with the following:
SharkFin Antenna, Compact External IP67 Antenna
Dual Cell/LTE, MIMO External IP67 Antenna


Look for part numbers that begin with the following:
LTM Series
Dual Cell/LTE, 2xMIMO Antenna.
LLP Series
Low Profile multi band Antenna.
MaxFin Series
A sleek, aerodynamic Multiband Antenna