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Novotech Kitting and Bundling

Novotech's state-of-the art fulfillment facility is capable of pre-assembly, repackaging, and labeling to ensure your customer have an excellent unboxing experience.

Why choose Novotech for Kitting and Bundling?

Novotech can confidently handle large volumes

We scale to meet your needs

Novotech can scale up to handle large volumes of concurrent configurations at any given time.

Leverage Novotech's Network of People

Leverage our expertise

Novotech has relationships with printers, packagers and product assembly and can secure quality work at reasonable prices.

More profit for you

We do this work for many customers so our unit costs are low. In fact they are low enough to mark up and pass on to your customers.

Kitting and Bundling Services

Custom Packaging

Custom Packaging

In many cases, equipment like routers are sold with antennas, custom cables and extra power supplies. To achieve the best customer experience, these products should arrive in a single, secure and professional package.

We work with partners to design the optimal packaging, source the best boxes then pick, pack and ship products. We can even add custom branding to boxes and of course apply custom labels.

Custom Labeling


Often partners require specific identification numbers added to labels on boxes. Some examples include the UPC, custom sku, QR code, PO number or even custom branding. Novotech works with information supplied or can generate codes based on parameters.

Whatever the case, we manage securing proofs, approvals, printing and then applying labels.

Product Assembly

Product Assembly 

Most products or product combinations are not complicated to assemble. But it still is work and can be a problem if there are 100s or 1,000s of units. We regularly assemble modems with custom cables, mount antennas, and add DIN rails. We also install modems in enclosures.

Once products are assembled they are repackaged and shipped in line with the partner’s requirements.