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Now, if they can only help me find my kid's lost socks…

by Larry Bellehumeur   |  Aug 05, 2015  

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As a parent, I am amazed at how effective kids are at losing a single sock.  They still have two feet, but somehow, only one sock.  A tracking method for socks might be a home run idea!  For now, it seems that a Canadian company by the name of Hexoskin is focusing on making another piece of clothing much smarter.

Before I get into what Hexoskin is doing, I want to reference a previous blog post where I wrote about how I am using M2M to improve my overall health. One of the side effects is that I have lost close to 40lbs and here are some of the ways that I am doing it:

  • Regular daily monitoring of my heart rate / blood pressure
  • Interaction between my scale / body fat reader and diet planner
  • Using a step counter to calculate my activity, to ensure that I am eating the right amount of calories for my needs on any given day
  • Using sleep monitoring technology to monitor my sleep patterns.

So as you can see, this health crusade has required me to always be attached to one gadget or another.  So let’s talk about Hexoskin, the Montreal-based company that wants to let me be free of having to use so many gadgets by moving a lot of the intelligence into the actual garment itself.  Well, sort of….because there is still a Bluetooth based device that does all of the recording. Hexoskin has developed what they’re calling “the first electronic shirt for movement, respiration, and heart activity tracking.”

Here’s what I wanted to know….
I currently use a device to keep track of my steps, and my iPhone (in combination with a running application) can tell me almost precisely how many calories I burned (as it knows my exact weight, the distance I ran, pace and elevation change)….

So, what does a $400 shirt/device give me that I don’t already have? Apparently, a lot…

  • It uses a unique algorithm to calculate not only how much you sleep, but how well.  This differs from most sleep monitoring devices that only provide minor sleep details.
  • It goes into a lot more detail than most exercise monitoring devices, factoring in things such as ECG health, your breathing patterns and more.
  • Finally, it seems to give much more information on other parts of health that are not normally monitored but very important…such as how fatigued you are and how stressed your might currently be.

The bottom line

The $400 CDN price point for a package (plus close to $200 CDN price for additional shirts) does eliminate a lot of people who may be interested.  However, for someone who needs to maximize their performance/health on a very detailed scale (such as high-end athletes, Military personnel and recovering patients), the steep “sticker price” is not likely going to be much of an issue.  As well, technology like this tends to come down over time, so it likely will not be long before it starts to become more commonplace among the health-conscious part of our population.

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(Photo courtesy of Hexoskin)