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Yawn...IoT predictions

by Larry Bellehumeur   |  Aug 05, 2015  

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Update - Many thanks for the kind words and encouragement that I have received (both in person and via email) with regards to my renewed focus on health.  In a recent blog post appropriately titled Using M2M to get rid of my spare tire, I shared how the M2M portion has definitely been helping because it has allowed me to continuously get an idea of what is going on with all aspects of my health.  I am closing in on 35lbs of weight loss and have seen many improvements on many other aspects of my health.  I hope to provide a final update when I reach my goal!

Ok, I must say, this IoT "prediction" article was not as bad as some I've read. At least it included a pretty graph and some decent examples of IoT for the masses to understand. 

Here is the pretty graph:

See, told you it was pretty, with all of the colours.  What is interesting is that it shows more IoT devices being in the field than all other consumer devices (yes, including smartphones, tablets and PCs) combined before the end of the decade.  While this is a pretty incredible statement, it is not nearly as outrageous as some pundits have predicted.

Decent examples.

Here were the examples for applications that were listed.  Again, easy to understand for the average person.

•   Connected Advertising    Just think "Minority Report", where someone spoke to you in a creepy way and followed you around the store.  Kidding, but over time this will eventually replace most mass market advertising such as TV and newspaper.

•   Intelligent Traffic Management and Parking solutions   Ok, not sure if I see the fully automated car anytime soon.  However, by gathering more and more data, engineers will be able to better optimize traffic flow through better use of traffic lights and speed limit modification.  As for parking, it will prevent a lot of "circling" and will greatly increase existing spaces, offering better service for you and more revenue for municipalities.

•   Optimizing Waste Management pick-up  This is already a huge market today for M2M.  Garbage pickup is expensive, and it makes sense to pick up bins when they are at the right level of fullness.....too little can be a waste of time and too much can offer bad service to customers while possibly causing issues by overworking machinery.

•   Smart Grid  Unless you have been living under a rock, you have no doubt heard that Utility companies around the planet are using automation and intelligent systems to optimize existing power infrastructures and to reduce the strain on networks in times of peak usage.

•   Smart Monitoring  Ok, the article didn't call it this, it actually issued "Smart Water Systems" and "Industrial uses" but I am giving you two for one here and combining it into one category.  By getting much more information (and in real time), companies are able to better optimize many things, ranging from water systems to factory/machinery optimization to better use of their key employees' time.

Bottom Line

This was not the worst article that I have seen on IoT.  It actually listed some key areas that are not only easy to understand, but are actually good areas of focus.  Plus, did I mention the pretty graph?

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