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Top 10 ways IoT is (and will) change your day to day life

by Larry Bellehumeur   |  Oct 02, 2018  



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Let’s get right to it … here is the list, starting with number 10:


10) Lower your golf score (or make you better at whatever sport you play)

IoT gives you the power of information, which is important in the world of sports.  By being able to see, often in real time, how you are performing, you can make changes to improve your performance.  It also allows you to be more effective in your training to improve your form.


9) Reduce your energy bill

IoT allows for you to know if you are wasting energy (such as through badly sealed windows), lets you reduce the heat/AC when no one is there to enjoy it and to lower your water bill by only watering your grass when needed.  It also alerts you to doors and windows being left open, which can help with the next point.


8) Make your home safer

By knowing what is going on, your home will be safer.  This includes preventing your children from using the stove when you are not home, making sure that your garage door is not left open and to alert you of a trespasser on your property while you are away.


7) Reducing your commute to work

Sensors on the road can detect issues such as ice build-up or traffic jams, alerting you to avoid the area before you leave your home.  As well, IoT solutions are preventing drivers from heading into unsafe areas caused by natural disasters and weather.


6) Making it easier to fly

IoT solutions allow airlines to run more efficiently, meaning that your plane will be on time more often, your bag is less likely to get lost and airport security lines will be reduced.  It also can even help you find a great parking spot!


5) Keep your kids safe

From monitoring infants in the crib, to being able to let them into the house when they forget their key (or use fingerprints), to letting you know they got on/off the bus to school to letting you know that they are driving safe, IoT helps keep kids of all ages safe.


4) Improve your child’s education

IoT is improving how they learn.  Gone are the days of textbooks … instead, children are learning through interactive tools like smart boards and tablets.  As well, sensor solutions keep them safe in the event of an emergency and reduce the cost of education for school boards.


3) Improve your performance at work

When you have better information, you make better decisions.  IoT lets you have the power to do that while also allowing you to change the work environment to allow you to maximize your productivity.


2) Keep your older loved ones safe

Monitoring solutions allow you to keep an eye on your parents or those with special needs while allowing them to maintain their dignity.  This includes letting you know if they have eaten, taken their medication, if they are lost and confused and if they have fallen.


1) Keep you healthier

Our own health is the most important thing to us.  IoT solutions allow to maintain a healthy weight, get the right amount of exercise and know if there is an oncoming cold.  They also help you relax and get the right amount of rest.