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How IoT protects your valuables, even your $1M bottle of scotch

by Larry Bellehumeur   |  Oct 04, 2018  
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I remember the shock that many of us had when we heard that Bruce McNall, then the owners of the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings, had bought a baseball card for $410K ($760K in today’s dollars).  There was a funny appearance on a talk show (I think Dennis Miller) where they pretended to take the card out and ruin it … only to have them produce the actual card that was in a case that looked like it would withstand a nuclear blast.

Fast forward to today and it appears that the trend towards collecting is in rare bottles of scotch.  A 60 year old bottle of “Macallan Valerio Adami” sold for just over $1M USD.  Like McNall’s card, it is important to not only own such an item but to store it in a manner that preserves its contents.

Enter IoT … regardless of what you collect, IoT has a solution that allows you to protect and preserve it.

For the bottle of scotch, I imagine they would want to monitor:

I do enjoy a drink now and then and have a bottle of scotch sitting in the make-shift area that I call a bar in my basement.  I have no idea if this is the correct temperature range for scotch, but I am sure that the owners of this bottle have an ideal range.  IoT lets them know if things are not ideal and to correct this over the air.

While I think that most scotch drinkers wouldn’t think to monitor the humidity of their bottle storage, I would imagine that both the inside of the case, as well as the room where it is stored, will be monitored for the ideal humidity range.

As durable as many glass bottles may be, I would imagine that the owner would want to know if there was even the slightest amount of movement, either caused by an earthquake or by a potential trespasser.

Even before a potential thief were to get to the bottle, the owner would want to be notified that there was unwanted motion in the area where the bottle is stored.

GPS Tracking
Finally, one would imagine that the bottle and/or case would be equipped with some sort of GPS tracking device in the event that it was stolen.

Maybe your collection is not worth 7 figures, but there are low cost IoT solutions to protect whatever it is that you cherish …