Ok...in the last post, we touched on just what an M2M solution was.  However, most business owners/managers don't usually have a lot of interest in the technology itself.....rather, how does this technology help my business?  Technology usually helps in two ways: reducing cost (clerical, compliance, fuel, etc.) and increasing productivity (reducing driving, better information in the field, etc.).

Here are some of the reasons why an M2M solution may be right for your business:

Fuel costs aren't likely to go down overtime....Are we likely to see the $140+ per barrel price that we saw during the summer of 2008?  Maybe some day, but probably not anytime soon.  However, lofty fuel costs are going to be here for a while, and companies are always looking for ways to decrease their fuel consumption.  It's not only good for the pocketbook, it's also good for a company to be seen as being eco-friendly....

M2M solutions help to reduce driving to remote sites, as they provide real-time information as to the status of a device.  As well, many Vehicle tracking solutions can reduce costs by allowing you to minimize the amount of driving through more accurate dispatching.  Finally, many machines run during times when they don't have to (such as heaters, generators and compressors).  By having remote access to these devices, they can run less often....

Skilled employees doing paperwork....an evil necessity?   M2M solutions allow you to make your employees more productive in many ways....First, by giving them the correct information (in real time), they can make educated decisions as to how to proceed while away from the office.  Next, nothing wastes time/money more than unnecessary visits.  M2M solutions can tell you when something is wrong, so you don't have to go when everything is fine.

In addition, many M2M solutions can speed up Data entry significantly by both allowing your remote worker to get back to work quicker and also by reducing the amount of data entry back at the office.  You pay your employees to work, not to write on a clipboard!

Downtime = Loss revenue and angry customers  You've got your equipment at a remote location, maybe even at a customer's premise.  What is the cost to your business for every minute/hour that this machine is not working?  Equally important in this economic environment....will such downtime cost you a valuable customer to your competitor?

M2M solutions allow you immediate access to your devices, without having to use your customer's Internet connection....so their IT guys will love you!

Anyone have a wall jack for the Internet?  In today's fast moving environment, so much work is done away from the office.  In many cases for your remote workers, you can use a Mobile Data device (such as a Blackberry or USB stick) to access key information.  However, what do you do if the device that you want to connect to is actually an ATM machine, Utility meter, Lottery machine or another device?

M2M solutions allow you to quickly connect your remote devices for many reasons....can't use device on a 3rd party network?  In a location where landlines are not available?  You need a setup that connects to the Internet without user interaction? ...... All situations where M2M solutions are right for you.

Vital decisions = Real time data   When you are making important decisions, you need the facts and you need them immediately.  Old information can cost you....downtime, lost customers, and in some cases like Police work, it is the difference between life and death.  M2M solutions provide up to date information such as Blueprints, key readings of equipment, updated medical records and more....

In future blogs......we will examine particular industries and how specific M2M solutions can help them.

As always, let Novotech help guide you through all aspects of the M2M solution experience!