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Everyone seems to have Government spending on their mind....and rightly so.  Every dollar that is spent by the government is a dollar that isn't in your pocket!  Governments, more than ever, are trying to maximize their use of tax dollars.  M2M solutions would be a good start....

Here are some of the M2M solutions that we've seen work in the Government space (from Municipal, to State/Provincial to Federal):

Monitoring made easy  Governments need to keep track of a lot of different things, ranging from water levels, to weather conditions to securing perimeters and much more.  M2M solutions allow for an easy, portable way of providing real time updates to field staff, as well as control centers.  This allows for decisions to be made in real time, using the correct information....this reduces downtime, provides better service to your users and reduces unnecessary costs such as driving to sites unnecessarily.

Remote workers need information     For most remote workers, a PDA is a great form factor to allow them to communicate with the office, and to receive real time information.  However, PDAs don't provide communication for remote sites, where machines such as Fax machines, alarm panels and video cameras require an Internet connection to report their status.  Agencies such as Inspections, Disaster recovery and Financial audits are just a few that can benefit from a more "office-like" experience while away from the office.  Plus, as an added bonus, these solutions allow IT teams to better enforce their security policies, ensuring that data is well protected.

To some, a vehicle is their office  Agencies such as Law Enforcement and Utilities have been using In-Vehicle computing for years.  However, many other employees, such as Waste/Water, Parks, Road repair and more are seeing great productivity improvements by deploying solutions that allow them to get real time access to information, as well as to reduce the burden of paperwork.  You can also use the same device to provide real-time GPS tracking, to improve the efficiency of your dispatching, and to increase worker safety.

Disasters happen  Many services simply cannot be unavailable for a long period of time, such as Hospitals, Public Safety, Water and more.  Landlines provide an excellent form of communications for the vast majority of work.  However, what do you do if they are unavailable (either due to damage, network unavailability or if you have to move in the event of a disaster)?  Wireless solutions provide a quick and reliable method of getting your communications back online....

Green is cool    Everyone wants to reduce their Green image today, including Governments.  Programs such as Recycling, Idling reduction and Carbon capture will help to make our planet much greener.  However, why stop there?  There are many Wirelessly enabled solutions such as Automated Meter Reading, AC control systems and more that can help today.

It's 11am....do you know where your machinery is?    Tracking your equipment, especially in the field can be a nightmare.  As well, even if you know where it is....do you know if it is being used properly?  There are some great Asset Management solutions in the market that help optimize the usage of your devices, reduce theft/vandalism and help you find your devices when you need them.

In our next blog, we'll focus on how M2M can help the Finance space. You might also be interested to read: M2M in Everyday Life...