Oil and Gas is both a market that has a rich history in using M2M solutions, as well as one that presents tremendous challenges that have to be overcome.  Due to where most of the work is done (i.e. in remote areas, not prone to being serviced well by landlines), Oil and Gas companies have always been early adopters for many different wireless technologies.  However, the rugged nature of their work (areas often are exposed to extreme conditions, need to meet guidelines for working near explosives) has made it difficult to deploy many common solutions....

Here are some ideas to help use wireless to improve operations

See no evil, see no production  Much of the Oil and Gas production starts at a very remote place, is then sent through a maze of pipelines/compressors and is delivered to a storage facility (again, often in a relatively remote area).  All of this work outside of traditional work areas leaves Oil and Gas companies exposed to attacks/damage. Using a Mobile Video solution allows for easier authentication of workers, notification of unauthorized access and instant vision as to production issues.  There are even some great heat-monitoring solutions for detecting leaks and equipment damage, before it costs you money!

Security isn't just for the office  Oil and Gas is a very complex network of not only pipelines, but IP networks that control much of the field operations.  These lines need to be secure, to allow Oil Companies to protect their investments.  However, traditional IP security equipment isn't always meant for rugged environments.  Several of Novotech's partners produce equipment that combines the flexibility of cellular networks, the ruggedness needed for field deployment and the IP security in one box, to keep your data safe.

Make your employees drive safe, even when you can't see them  Much of the key work in the Oil and Gas space happens hundreds of miles from the office.....this means that your workers often have long drives to reach their destinations.  Advanced fleet tracking solutions allow you to dispatch workers effectively, even when there aren't any traditional roads.....as well, be notified if they have an emergency through motion sensored work alone solutions (they tell you that your worker is in trouble, even when the worker can't!)

Give your workers the office experience, even while away from the office  Workers need to access key information while away from the office.  While many workers use PDAs effectively for retrieving email, they often need access to key things such as drawings and other records.  For workers in the vehicle, using a combined High Speed data solution with a GPS enabled modem (which allows for Fleet Management solution to also run) allows you to get the work done, while knowing that your lone workers are safe.  For remote offices, get services such as Office-like security, faxing, time clock/payroll management and more....all using High speed wireless to keep everyone connected!

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