Hello Everyone, and many thanks for reading....

As some of you may know, Novotech works closely with a number of industry-leading vendors in the space of M2M.  Many of these vendors have been busy.....producing solutions that have pushed M2M to new levels, while allowing strong benefits to its customers.

This is the first of a few Vendor-specific postings that we are going to be showing, which may help to show you how M2M solutions can help revolutionize your business.  Our first chosen partner is Digi, who has a very extensive line of products covering all aspects of the Machine to Machine space.....

Digi Wireless Gateway Enables Wildfire Early Detection System http://www.digi.com/pdf/css_firebreak.pdf

Digi Cellular Routers Keep Bats from Hitting the Fan (Wind Turbines, to be exact!) http://www.digi.com/pdf/css_detectanabat.pdf

Digi Enables Broadband Backup for Verizon Wireless Retail Stores http://www.digi.com/pdf/css_verizonwireless.pdf

Digi products helps reduce Streetlamp Power consumption  http://www.digi.com/pdf/css_hafslund.pdf

Digi products helps drive Toyota Vehicle research forward  http://www.digi.com/pdf/css_toyotatech.pdf

Digi products reduce Hotel's Energy Costs  http://www.digi.com/pdf/css_lodgingtechnology.pdf