Many people visualize M2M as being two machines (one being a complex server of some sort and the other being a basic device like a vending machine) communicating, sending bits of info back and forth.  While this is the more classical definition, it misses out on an important growth area for M2M, namely using wireless communications as a method of backing up a vital landline connection and to replace landlines in more traditional forms of communication.

How does it work?  Landline communication has proven to be very reliable for many applications, ranging from providing communications for offices to remote sites and to end devices such as backing machines.  For most customers, this communication is the benchmark of reliability and is ideal as the primary method of providing these communications.  However, landlines are not without their limitations.....they are not available everywhere, lines can get damaged and they are not ideal for mobile assets.  For situations where landline is available, wireless communications are used to provide a secondary/redundant method of transmitting information in case wireline is not available.  For situations where a landline is not practical/available, wireless is emerging as the best method of providing this communication (called Talk to something).

Situations for "back up something"  In this fast moving time that we live in, no one has the time/patience for network downtime.  While the traditional application for backing up landlines (Point of Sale, Public safety dispatch, internet providers) are still quite popular, virtually any company who has any Internet presence should utilize this application.  Vital applications include: backing up connections to/from email servers, backing up main lines to accept orders / inventory control systems and for Internet-based business using ecommerce.

Situations for "talk to" something  For these applications, using landline has always been the default choice, and for many apps, it is still the best.  However, using wireless as a landline replacement offers the following benefits:  Lower monthly cost, faster setup time, increased flexibility of placement of connections and the ability to provide consistent connections in mobile environments.  Common ways that it is being used in replacement of landline now include ATM machines, parking meters, well monitoring and smart metering.  It has become so common in some areas that traditional landlines are not even being installed by carriers.

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