This post is a bit different for two reasons.  First, it will be shorter, and more importantly, it really not focus exclusively on #M2M!

I have written a few times about how Big Data is changing our lives, specifically from the slant of how M2M data is used to provide better, real-time information into key systems.  Here, I wanted to go over how both the Democrats and the Republicans used tremendous amounts of “BigData” about voters to gain insight into the key factors and indicators how how a voter was going to vote on election day. They used this information for both voters that were committed to their party as well as a way to find paths to influence non-committed voters towards their party. 

From the file of “Did you know?"....

  • Did you know that if you were a regular visitor to Olive Garden, you were 2-3x more likely to vote for Mitt Romney as President?
  • Did you know that a regular visitor to Red Lobster was more likely to vote for Obama, but not nearly to the same extent as Olive Garden visitors for Romney?
  • Listen to soft you voted for Obama!
  • Attend an NCAA football game at least once a probably voted Republican!

 How do they know this....because Big Data tells us so!  Both parties used Social media (Twitter and Facebook mostly) with incredible precision to determine your likeliness to vote for them based on whom you follow and what parties your "Friends" were linked to.  As well, both parties kept track closely of the what webpage "fed" you into their sites and what page you went to when you left their sites to determine both your likely vote, as well as your likeliness to vote in the first place.  Finally, both parties (but especially the Democrats) used Social media to encourage non-voters to vote by using subtle pressure from your close friends on Facebook to encourage your participation through an old-school method......the telephone call!

Again, sorry for the slight deviation from posting on M2M, but I was fascinated by how Big Data is changing all aspects of our lives, including whom you vote for!

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