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Every year – well to be honest this is the first – I make my bold predictions of what the future will hold in the M2M space, and what I have learned from the past year as it relates to the M2M space. Here’s this year’s Top 10 List:

  1. Cisco will exit the M2M space, after realizing that it’s not big enough for them to care about.
  2. Carriers will stop acting like carriers and try to emulate Cisco, and the market will think it’s an improvement.  
  3. My beloved Patriots will win the Super Bowl in a snowstorm 42-0 over the Seahawks (this is the only one I will stick by).
  4. Services will still not make money in 2014.
  5. Wipro will have more people in their booth at MWC than there are attendees at the show.
  6. CES will become the most important M2M show as CTIA dithers on deciding what it wants to be.
  7. The rest of the world will appreciate how business is run in the USA and decide to follow that model.
  8. China will outsource labour to Vietnam where it is dramatically cheaper to find workers.
  9. World peace.
  10. I will realize the only two things that are certain in M2M for 2014…

And this: