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After my recent trip to Mexico, I have a new appreciation for rules, as well as, a new appreciation for the definition of what quality service truly means. As a side note, I have a startling admission to make – I had never been to Mexico before, and I was really surprised by what I saw.  

When I think about Novotech and the reasons that companies deal with us, I think our success centers around the service we offer, and by natural extension, the great team of people who work for our company. Without blowing our horn too much, we do a very good job of servicing our customer base. Based on my experience in Mexico, and my corresponding experiences in North America, Mexicans have perfected service to an art form…

I have never in my life been exposed to a level of service as that which I received in Mexico. When dining, I never once asked for a refill of anything – when I finished something, it was replenished. Doors were opened and people were laid back and tremendously polite at the same time. How many times do we say that when we visit Europe, Asia or North America for that matter? The outstanding level of service was so evident that I made a remark to my colleague (who had been there many times). He said that they watch you all the time to make sure that you don’t need anything.

So I asked some of the handlers who were guiding and interpreting for us what the minimum wage was. They indicated that it was $7.00 PER DAY!! That got me thinking that they aren’t providing this service because they are getting paid for it. Far from it – they are doing it for cultural reasons.  I thought to myself that we should all be so obsessed with offering top notch service in all of our interactions. Then I thought I should be paying way more for the things I was doing. People who know me, know that is a strange thought indeed.