I read a great article the other day on how one of the fastest growing occupations is in the field of Data Analytics.  It seems demand for Data Analytics expertise is insatiable and crossing all vertical markets including many government agencies.  The number of people employed in this field doubled in the past two years alone and it is projected to do the same over the next four years.

What does a Data Analytics specialist do?   They take the vast amounts of data being created by many sources (M2M solutions, user data, consumer purchases, etc.) and actually allow everyone to make sense out of it.  They do this by using very advanced computer technologies and mixing in an ability to create special algorithms and formulas and to present it all in a way that allows users to make decisions with it.  It is really a cross between science and design in a fascinating way.

Here are some of the examples cited in the article about how these important roles are playing an impact on today’s world:

  • Target is using these solutions to track customer purchasing patterns through its loyalty program in order to optimize its marketing programs.  Apparently, it even breaks the “rule” of guessing when a woman is pregnant and sending her marketing material for maternity wear and baby goods!  Just the thought of that makes most men shiver.... =)
  • A hospital in Toronto (Hospital for Sick Children) is using the technology to more accurately monitor changes in blood pressure / heart rate / respiration for premature babies to detect problems earlier than ever before.  As a father, and as someone who knows the HSC well, this is a great effort and one that makes me excited about the lives we can save.
  • Finally, Netflix deployed complex algorithms to determine that viewers like political dramas more than most and that there is a strong appreciation for the work of Kevin Spacey among its viewers.....which convinced management to green light his project “House of Cards”!

To say the least.....this field needs to take a few of us from the M2M space out for a pint, as I think that we may have helped to fuel some of the growth!  Without a doubt, M2M solutions are leading to the incredible amount of data that is being generated today.  Equally important is that M2M data provides insight into things that were not traditionally monitored at all, or if they were, they were never able to be monitored in real time like we can today.  This includes levels of fluids in tanks,  data for equipment servicing from the field and getting customer feedback based on how product behave without asking them (by seeing how they are really using a product).

The business gains that organizations can get from using data analytics are endless....but here are a few:

  • Building better products through increased feedback from users
  • Reducing downtime in the field for key pieces of equipment, often preventing failures altogether
  • Being able to make determinations faster by improving recognition patterns.
  • Making your workers more productive by giving them the right data

Finally, the world of data analytics has only started its intertwining with the world of M2M.  I suspect there will be greater tools over the next 12-24 months that will allow companies to easily draw information from the field, bring it into their ERP systems and easily run reports / present the data in a way that will improve every aspect of their business.

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