Ok, first, I have no actual qualms with Yanni….he likely has a lot of fans.  And, to be honest, I don’t know his music well enough to actually identify that it was his.  Nevertheless, I recently spent 45 minutes on hold waiting to get a simple password reset for a web page with a government agency.  It was a very painful experience, not to mention that it had me scrambling to find power outlets the rest of the day for my iPhone!

Why does this matter?  Well, while M2M solutions would not have helped my particular situation, they likely can prevent others from having to experience much of the same fun for other solutions. 

Here are some examples:

Waiting on hold for a reset of your device

How many times have you waited on hold because your cable box wasn’t working….only to have your box reset over the air by the technician?  By using a more proactive solution (one where there is more data coming from your box proactively), the server would see that you are having issues and would fix them BEFORE you had to call in.

Waiting on hold to complain about an inaccurate bill

Ever receive a wildly inaccurate bill based on usage that you never actually did?  It could be from your utility company, the company that you lease your photocopier from or any other rental company for that matter.  M2M solutions allow for much more accurate and frequent reporting, so the company will be able to see odd bill patterns and likely fraudulent usage / inaccurate billing much earlier…..and, they can tell you, before you have your Yanni experience!

Waiting on to report an outage….can help in two ways, actually!

First, M2M solutions can actually notify the technician of a problem (this is the “DA” part of SCADA, which stands for Data Acquisition).  The error code/alarm is sent from the field to the technician in a format that allows them to quickly identify the issue.  If the issue requires a site visit, they can arrange to have this set up with the client.

However, the “SC” (Supervisory Control) part of the equation is the part that really makes this cool.  In many cases, the technician can notify the customer that they are going to perform an over the air, often fixing the issue in minutes.  This prevents unnecessary downtime.

And, the benefits are not just for the customer…..companies are benefitting as well:

•   Happier customers = better sales and increased brand loyalty

•   Lower support costs

•   Lower in-field technician costs

Bottom Line

At the end of my 45 minutes, I weirdly started to appreciate the tones on the music, so maybe my time wasn’t totally wasted….however, I would much rather discover new music by choice, not by having them blasted to me over the phone!  Going forward, M2M solutions will help to reduce our time on hold, which will be a welcome symphony for all of us.

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