I am not one to criticize people buying IoT products for things that might not totally be necessary to improve your life.  Considering the overall increase to IoT spending helps a company like Novotech, why would I?  More importantly, I have blogged a lot about how I have personally used M2M to improve my health….often buying expensive products that might not have been totally necessary to achieve my goals.

However, I do want to point out just a few items I’ve recently come across. Each item appeals to a variety of markets with varying levels of interest to each person. Without any doubt, we are on the cusp of seeing an explosion in the amount of devices that can help our lives in one way or another…

Disclosure - Novotech has no relationship (neither do I) with any of these products.  We/I make nothing from the mention of the products featured in this blog post.

 Ok, child tracking is far from new.  However, when I was researching this, my 3 year old went berserk yelling “Daddy, want that”, even though he had no idea what it was for.  They have actually (according to my limited research) developed a child tracking product that is both functional and appealing to kids. 


FINIS Tech Toc

Again, there are no shortage of products that can help your technique in just about any sport you’re interested in participating in. However, I liked this one because it incorporated both new and old technology.  The “new” technology was the use of different sensors/amps to provide feedback….but it uses “old-school” technology like a ball bearing.  Interesting…


Butterfly SmartPong Robot