Growing up in a middle class household, there were no shortage of Thermos' in our house.  My Dad, the Construction worker, used to enjoy a warm "bowl" of soup for lunch.  As well, my Mom used to send us off to school with one holding our favourite cold drink.  They did the trick....the "hot stayed hot" and the "cold stayed cold".  Not exactly rocket science, but useful nonetheless. 

Apparently, our friends at Thermos got bored making people happy at lunch and decided to invent a Smart Water Bottle.  Wow, could there be a more useless invention? 

Smart Water Bottle

Ok, I get the general, we fail to drink enough water.  The suggested total of 8 glasses of water per day is achieved by some, but not by enough of least according to research.  So, some people have gone to great lengths to obtain this amount of hydration, hence the apparent need for a $60 Smart Water Bottle. 

The device has a Smart Lid, one that records how many sips of water you have, what your consumption has been and how long you have been fixed on the same container of water. 

Think I am kidding? Read this!  

Is there any merit here?

Well, I think they come from a place that has good intentions.  By providing people with a method of tracking their consumption of water, it may encourage them to stay better hydrated, which is one of the keys to better health.  I have to imagine if everyone used one, we would see a better overall health, ranging from a reduction in some illnesses, to better alertness and most likely an overall healthier weight. 

However, do you really need a fancy water bottle to tell you this?  Besides keeping track of the amount of water in your head, there are no shortages of ways you can do this on your smartphone.  Just about any application that records your food has a sliding scale to add glasses of water.  I have also seen water bottles with little dials on them (for a fraction of the cost) to record how much water you have consumed.  Finally, you can also do what doctors recommend, and that is paying attention to your frequencies of trips to the little boys/girls room as a possible sign of dehydration. 

The Bottom Line

As a person who runs 80 km/50 miles per week, hydration is obviously important to me.  However, I have managed to keep track of it without the use of an expensive water bottle.  It is called 5-year old can show you, if you have forgotten.  At what point do we stop trying to fix what is not broken?