By: Larry Bellehumeur | Oct. 12, 2017

Hello and thanks for reading.

As some of you may know, when I am not traveling (which is often), I usually am working from my home office.  Being down in the basement, it is not exactly a great location for cell coverage.  Since I am not a huge smartphone user (and my Wi-Fi coverage is strong), I never really considered doing much to enhance it.

A few months ago, after dropping an important call, I decided to take some action and I installed a cell-enhancing solution in my home.  I honestly am shocked by the difference.  Everything from battery life of our 3 smartphones, to the reduction in number of dropped calls to even how long my phones last before needing replacement seem to be better.

So, if it made that difference to me, how much of a difference will it make for an organization that has a few, dozens or hundreds of team members working at a location?

The benefits of better coverage are numerous, but here are a few:

Better call reception

While the reason why this is important may fall under the “no-brainer” category, you can’t undersell its importance.  I simply missed less calls, had fewer drop and didn’t have to stand on one leg and lean out the window during important calls.

Longer battery life and longevity

I think smartphone “battery anxiety” is more of a thing than electric car “range anxiety” to the majority of people.  I’m not a huge user of my phone, as I do a lot of work on both my desktop and iPad (so, my iPhone is pretty much just for talking to 50+ yr old people…you know, the ones who still talk on the phone).  However, even in standby, I would find myself down to a low battery level by the end of the day.  Now, I often can get through 2 days without charging.

However, there is another important thing and that is how long your battery’s overall longevity is.  Many people find the first thing to go on their smartphone is the battery.  When you charge less often, they last longer….which makes sense.  So, while you may want to upgrade to the iPhone X for materialistic reasons, it won’t be because your battery won’t keep a charge.

Bad customer service

Sure, I think we all have been talking to someone and started to miss every 2nd or 3rd word due to bad coverage.  It happens to the point that I don’t think any of us hold it against them.  However, I did find it frustrating to finally get that important customer on the phone after weeks of trying only to have the call drop twice.  Having better coverage will allow you to provide a better experience to your customers, which is never a bad thing.

Better speeds

I actually didn’t see this as a huge thing personally as I don’t use my smartphone to watch videos or movies…..apparently, I am the only one.  Data throughput speed can vary wildly on any wireless network when coverage deteriorates, whether it be cellular or Wi-Fi.  Don’t be surprised if your data speeds can double (or more) through better coverage.

The Bottom Line

Even for light smartphone users, you’ll be surprised how much having better coverage will help you in your day to day business activities.  Now, imagine how much it will help all of your team become more productive?  As well, I was listening to my wife and her friends talk the other day (kind of hard to avoid it, they were kind of loud, but I digress….) and they were saying that they often make shopping or dining choices based on cell phone coverage….namely, they will leave a place much quicker if there is bad or (heaven-forbid) no cell coverage.  So, it can actually have an effect on your business’ bottom line.

The reality is that cellular coverage has long gone past being "nice to have" and is now a necessity for your business. The cell carriers have done a great job through the move to lower frequencies and enhancements, but they can’t have coverage everywhere.  A cell enhancement solution will undoubtedly help your business….

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