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Filmed out in stunning Kananaskis Country (just west of Calgary, Alberta), this video blog post talks about how IoT can help to slow down the short and long-term effects of climate change.

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As with many other applications, IoT can help all of those who may take action to reduce the effects of climate change, including:

    • Municipalities, regions and states
    • Manufacturers
    • Solution providers
    • Government agencies
    • Consumers

IoT allows for information that was previously not accessible to be gathered in real-time, including:

    • Key environmental levels
    • Usage data of key systems
    • Power usage and draw of key areas
    • Location of vital assets
    • Unwanted downtime

By allowing this data to be gathered, engineers are able to make systems more reliable, more effective and to reduce unnecessary power usage.  This also allows for systems to run more effectively and can be remotely turned off when not in use…..both of which increase productivity, reduces costs and greenhouse gases.

The Bottom Line

No single solution can solve the issues today we are experiencing with climate change.  IoT offers the ability to enhance all solutions to make them more effective, which is good for the bottom line and the environment.

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