If you flash back 30 years, there were three ways that most people paid for things at a store, in an era before the invention of the Point of Sale Terminal.  Many paid for it in cash, some used credit cards (that the clerk had to call to get an authorization from the credit card company) and many (much to the chagrin of those in line), paid by cheque.

Today, debit cards have eliminated the need to pay by cheque and credit card transactions take seconds.  Few of us carry enough cash to make a major transaction, let alone something small.  For retailers, the idea of your Internet connection going down is becoming something that customers will tolerate less and less each year.  

Now, imagine what would happen if you lost your Internet connection when your store looked like this:

A day like Black Friday can make or break the year for many retailers.  Customers have little tolerance to not being able to use their preferred method of payment at your store.  In addition, a lack of connection will prevent your customers from placing online orders, from you ordering things from your suppliers and verifying things like gift cards.

There are many great solutions that ensure that your Internet connection is always available, ranging from those ideal for Mom and Pop stores to the biggest Big Box stores.  They are also ideal for mobile and temporary retail as well.

If you run a retail store, you need to look at a Point of Sale back up solution, especially for an important day like Black Friday!