As someone who runs through the neighbourhood on occasions, I get to hear a lot of dogs barking inside of the home.  Despite the fact that I am at least 50 feet from their home and going in a different direction, the dog feels the need to alert the owner of my presence.  After a while, I am sure that the owner tends to ignore their barking.

The same mentality happens on many current motion-based alarm systems.  After jumping up in the middle of the night a few times, only to find out that it was a possum or a deer, many homeowners either turn off motion sensing or ignore it altogether.  It seems that Sunflower Labs, a startup out of the Bay area, is trying to give you the security you need without the hassle of false alarms ... and they are doing this using freaking cool IoT-based technology!

Expected to go on sale in the next year, the system uses a combination of “sunflowers”, sensors that look like this (photo is courtesy of Stephen Shankland from CNET): 

When a “sunflower” detects motion, it dispatches a drone from its “hive” base station like this (again, photo is courtesy of Stephen Shankland from CNET) to go check it out.  Using a sophisticated level of AI technology, the system is able to distinguish between things like a deer and a human.  If it finds something, the drone will hover over it and let you view feed on your smartphone app .... really, really cool.


The expected price point is not cheap ... it will be a monthly service that will start at a few hundred dollars per month, so it may not have the widest appeal to start.  However, expect the price to come down as the technology matures, and it may be the price to pay for peace of mind ...