There are 100's of products and product variations to choose from when it comes to IoT hardware. We've got multiple product comparison charts to help you compare features like hardware technology, cable length, device measurements and more!

Router, Modem & Gateway Comparison Charts

A cellular router uses a wireless cellular network to provide connectivity vs traditional wired cabling. Cellular routers and gateways connect and route communications between devices, machines, applications and cloud services. They can be used as the primary connection, or as backup connectivity for wired connections. Novotech carries a wide range of cellular modems from Sierra Wireless, InHand, Teltonika, Cradlepoint, Digi, CalAmp, and Perle.

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Terminal Comparison Charts

Thales's broad portfolio of Cinterion® IoT Modules, Gateways and Modem Cards enable always-on cellular communications for virtually any IoT or M2M application. Their rugged design, unparalleled engineering and manufacturing standards make them reliable in the most extreme environments and over the long life of your M2M solution. Offered for all cellular technology standards including 5G, LTE, NB-IoT and LTE Cat.M, Cinterion IoT modules and gateways provide voice, high-speed data and IP-based wireless communications with seamless global roaming.

Antenna Comparison Charts

Cellular antennas play an essential role in the operation of cellular routers. They help improve the signal quality and strength received by or sent from a cellular device. While some cellular devices work without an antenna, most require an internal or external antenna. Internal antennas are mounted inside the case of the cellular router and are not usually accessible. External antennas are either attached directly to the device or connected via a cable. Antennas can be single or multiple functions. For instance, an LTE antenna will boost only one frequency, LTE, while a 3-in-1 antenna may boost LTE, WiFi, and GPS. It is possible to get up to a 9-in-1 antenna.

Signal Booster Comparison Charts

Signal Boosters solve the challenge of bad cellular coverage in the office, at home, or on the road. In an office, boosters can reduce dropped calls and boost data transfer speeds. In automobile applications, a signal booster can ensure uninterrupted calls, reliable GPS, and constant connectivity in even the most remote areas. Novotech carriers signal boosters from the major manufacturers, including Cel-Fi (by Nextivity) and WeBoost. All units are available carrier approved for 3G/4G/LTE voice and data.