Ottawa, Ontario Release:  January 5th, 2021.

For Immediate Release

Novotech Technologies, a leading distributor of wireless modules launches a program offering a 30% discount on modules (limit of 5 units, one order per project).

"Novotech wants to help companies get IoT application up and running as quickly as possible. We also do not want price to be a barrier for innovation in the IoT space." says Steve Shock, VP Marketing. “Starting today, Novotech will offer same-day shipping on all in-stock modules at 30% off MSRP for new projects.”

Steve continues “We've heard from customers that they often need more than one quantity of a specific module. Or they need multiple versions of a module. Our program will help reduce the burden on the R&D budget and speed up getting products through the testing phase.”

Novotech carries a large inventory of the most popular 5G, 4G/LTE, CAT M/NB IoT, Bluetooth, and WiFi modules. We supply modules from Telit, Thales, Sequans, SparkLAN and many other manufacturers.

Refer to the chart below for a complete list of modules included in this promotion.

For more information on this program including a full list of modules, EVKs, and Development Kits, go to the Novotech Module Discount Program Webpage.



Manufacturer SKU Description
Thales/Gemalto L30960-N4600-A100 PLS62-W Rel 1 Module
Thales/Gemalto L30960-N4400-A200 ELS61-US Rel 2 Module
Thales/Gemalto L30960-N3400-A400 PLS8-E Rel 4 Module
Thales/Gemalto L30960-N6250-A120 EXS62-W Rel 1.2 Module
Thales/Gemalto L30960-N6520-A100 PLS63-W LTE World-module
Thales/Gemalto L30960-N3400-A400 PLS8-E Rel 4 Module
Thales/Gemalto L30960-N7020-A100 EXS62-W Rel 1.2 Module
Thales/Gemalto L30960-N6250-A120 EXS82-W Rel.1.2
Thales/Gemalto L30960-N6200-A120 mPLS83-X A, mPCIe IoT Modem card
Thales/Gemalto L30960-N6300-A100 TX62-W REL 1.4
Telit ME310G1WW01T010100 ME310G1-WW LTE CatM1/NB2 Module
Telit ME910G1WW01T010100 ME910G1-WW LTE CatM1/NB2 Module
Telit WE866C6P000T001000 WE866C6-P Wi-Fi Module
Telit LE910C1NA08T087700 LE910C1-NA Module
Telit LE910C1NF08T087600 LE910C1-NF Module
Telit LE910C4NF08T087600 LE910C4-NF Module
Telit LEPCIC1NF08T087600 LE910C1-NF (or LE910-PCI) mPCIe Module
Telit LEPCIC4NF06T067200 LE910C4-NF Module
Telit ME310G1W101T010100 ME310G1-W1 LTE CatM1/NB2 Module
Telit ME910C1WW05T090100 ME910C1-WW LTE Cat M1/NB1 Module
Telit ME910G1W101T010100 ME910G1-W1 LTE Cat M1/NB2 Module


About Novotech Technologies: Through partnerships with many of the world's most advanced IoT manufacturers, Novotech is a leading distributor of IoT products, services, and solutions. Established in 2001, Novotech has headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario, with offices throughout Canada and the United States. Visit us at