PoE Devices by NovotechAre you curious about how POE devices can help power your network? Many people don't know what these devices are or how to take advantage of them. POE devices are becoming popular, providing a convenient way to power electrical systems. If you aren't sure what POE is, it stands for Power over Ethernet and is an essential part of innovative technology. It simultaneously delivers electrical power and data over a single Ethernet cable. It means that you won't need separate wiring for each component of your network. This blog post explores how POE devices work, the types available, their benefits, and considerations for use.

What Are POE Devices? 

PoE (also known as Power over Ethernet) devices, are essential networking components. They allow power supply and data delivery through one Ethernet connection. You don't need electric power and a separate data connection, which saves money on materials and installation time. POE doesn't need nearby power outlets and is therefore flexible. The powered devices are connected to a router, switch, or hub through an Ethernet port.

Types of POE Devices

POE powers connected cellular routers, gateways, and modems. The devices come in various forms, including midspan POE injectors, endspan devices, and managed switches. Midspan injectors are typically used to convert existing Ethernet cables into power-carrying ones. Endspan devices require direct installation between the network device and the switch, providing data and power. Managed switches are the most advanced type of POE device, offering control over various parameters such as voltage, current, power output, and port status. 

This technology powers both cellular and non-cellular hardware. The type of POE device used for a given application depends on the needs and requirements of the connected device. POE hardware for home includes:

  • LED lighting and speakers
  • VoIP phones
  • IP cameras
  • IoT doorbells
  • Wireless access points
  • Video conferencing equipment

How POE Devices Work

Power over Ethernet devices are becoming increasingly popular in homes and businesses. POE works through a process that involves power-sourcing equipment (PSE). PSE transmits electrical current and data via an Ethernet cable to the powered device (PD). It works like a transformer, controlling current flow. The PSE device is either a network switch or a power injector, and PDs can be anything from a computer to a security camera.

How Power and Data Are Transmitted Over Ethernet Cables

Ethernet cables are a fundamental technology that sends signals that allow power and data transmission over considerable distances. The cable comprises copper wires and several connectors that use electricity to send data from one device to another. Electric conduction over the cable is much the same as in a metal wire.

Data transmission over an Ethernet cable involves conversion into binary code — a series of 1s and 0s. The transmitting device sends current along the cable at two voltages. One represents 1s, and the other represents 0s. The receiving device then interprets this current as binary code and converts it back into its original format. Additionally, Ethernet cables are capable of transmitting power. Up to 15.4 watts of power can be sent over the cable in POE type 1, allowing powered devices to run without needing an external power source.

The Use of Network Switches and POE Injectors in POE Technology

Network switches and POE injectors are essential for power over Ethernet technology. A network switch is a device that connects different networks and routes data traffic between them. It controls the flow of information within or from one network to another. POE injectors provide power to devices connected through a non-POE LAN switch port. You need to insert the DC voltage a POE injector provides into the Ethernet cable to achieve this. The primary function of the POE injector is to inject power into the Ethernet cable. This power then passes onto a compatible device, such as an IP camera or VoIP phone. 

POE Devices and the Role of Ethernet Ports 

Ethernet ports are commonly used to connect computers, cellular routers, and other digital devices. The ports are openings in network equipment for plugging the Ethernet cable. They also provide a connection for Power over Ethernet (POE) devices.

Benefits of Using POE Devices 

POE power devices offer the following advantages. 

  • Cost-effectiveness: Traditional wiring methods require more expensive materials and labor to install. It is possible to plug POE power devices into an existing network for a fraction of the cost and effort. 
  • Flexibility: Unlike fixed wired systems, POE devices are easy to relocate, as no electrical power outlets are tethering. This makes them ideal for growing businesses that need to adjust their space and layout. 
  • Scalability: It is easy to add compatible devices to an existing network. This technology is ideal as adding more devices doesn't need costly wiring upgrades. 
  • Data Gathering Capabilities: POE devices can provide data about energy and usage patterns.
  • Social benefits: Smart home applications with POE power devices provide increased safety, convenience, and peace of mind for homeowners. For instance, building occupants enjoy light-level optimization and color balancing.

Considerations for Using POE Devices

The following considerations are important for using PoE hardware:

  • Safety: A POE device must be used per local safety regulations for maximum safety. Furthermore, the insulation of cables is essential to avoid electric shock when exposed to moisture and other liquids. 
  • Efficiency: When using POE devices, it is important to understand the power requirements for each type of device. It helps avoid unnecessary power interruptions and ensures the system is optimized. 
  • Compatibility: Ensuring the compatibility of the POE device, switch, and the powered device is essential. For example, a device that requires class 3 power won't work with a switch or injector providing only class 1 power.

POE devices are an excellent solution for powering and connecting various digital peripherals. Organizations can save money on materials and installation by using  POE technology.

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