Novotech announces Continuity+ to help provide turn-key solutions for Small Businesses and Franchises to improve security and connectivity

by Olivia Hobbs | Jun 14, 2017

Novotech, a leading IoT company, is proud to announce the latest addition to the Continuity family, Continuity+, as part of its on-going efforts to simplify the deployment of wireless solutions. The solution is aimed primarily at the Small and Remote business market, as it allows them to use an Enterprise level of security and redundancy in an easy to deploy, turn-solution.

“During our discussions with many small businesses, we heard many common complaints…..the cost of Enterprise grade routing equipment as well as the complexity to set up and manage it, the desire to offer Wi-Fi to their valued customers and the need to have a redundant connection to back every thing up”, says Larry Bellehumeur, EVP of Global Sales for Novotech.  “We believe that we have solved those issues with Continuity+.  This offer gives customers all of the security, performance and redundancy that they need in a quick to deploy offering that will not break the bank”.


Continuity+ is a turn-key solution that includes:

    •  An Enterprise-Grade router to provide all of the local connections and Wi-Fi that  your business needs
    •  Cellular Connectivity services that can be used either as a backup to your main  Internet connection or as a Primary connection when one is not available
    •  Over the Air (OTA) Management tools that allow you to check in with the device  and keep it up to date from anywhere
    •  A subscription to Novotech’s SecureIoT service to help prevent the unwanted  spread of 10 different threats to your data
    •  Device setup and configuration services to get things up and running quickly


The benefits to a Small or Remote offices are numerous, including:

    • Improving the level of your company’s security to prevent unwanted attacks and viruses
    • Turn-key solution that sets up in minutes without having to wait for a land line to be installed.  This is ideal for temporary and seasonal deployments.
    • An instant network redundancy in the event of an outage to your Internet connection or working at a remote location.
    • Allows you to easily offer your customers access to WiFi while keeping your own data separate to keep it safe
    • Works with any landline or cellular network provider


With its lower price point and ease of use/setup, Continuity+ will have a broad appeal across all markets and industries.  Among those who it may have the most appeal include all Small or remote offices, Branches and Franchises, Retailers and restaurant locations as well as remote Government offices (such as Post offices).


About Novotech Technologies:

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