Novotech introduces SensorIoT, to the North American market

by Olivia Hobbs | Jul 13, 2017

Ottawa, ON, July 13, 2017- Novotech, a leading IoT company, is proud to announce its newest addition to a growing suite of IoT solutions, SensorIoT.  Along with existing SecureIoT and Continuity lines, SensorIoT is designed to help simplify the complex world of IoT for customers of all sizes.

“When you ask most people to define what they think an IoT solution is, the discussion almost inevitably turns to some sort of sensor-oriented offering”, says Larry Bellehumeur, EVP of Global Sales/Marketing at Novotech.  “The most ironic part, however, is the sensor-based solutions are often among the most difficult to deploy.  Our goal with SensorIoT is to bring solutions to market that offered the benefits of using sensors while doing so in a manner that is simple enough for most businesses to use quickly and effectively”, says Bellehumeur.


SensorIoT will be available in three different offerings, each designed to meet the needs of a particular market or group of customers:

    • Connect, available in August, will combine both a secure, reliable Internet connection for businesses with the built-in ability to gather sensor data that can be viewed on an easy-to-use hosted portal all in a turn-key offering
    • Industrial, expected in Q3, will simplify the deployment of sensors for customers who need reliable products to work in the most rugged places on earth.
    • Asset, expected in early Q4, provides a turn-key solution for those customers who have very large amounts of items that need to be tracked in a particular area.


Our first offering, Connect, will have a strong appeal to businesses in all markets, as it solves two distinct problems that many businesses face:

    • By providing a secure, reliable cellular connection, companies of all sizes are able to use this service either as a back-up for an existing landline service or as a primary connection when one is not available
    • With its built-in ability to gather sensor data and deliver it to an easy-to-use, hosted portal, companies are able to gather information about key things, such as the temperature of a key area, whether a device is running or up to 100 other items (with the purchase of additional sensors).


While most businesses will see benefit from using SensorIoT Connect at its locations, the solution will have extra appeal for:

    • Retailers, Restaurants and Hospitality locations
    • Storage facilities
    • Temporary work locations / Pop-up stores / Flea Markets
    • Deployments at 3rd party locations
    • Construction and Real Estate offices
    • Any small business owner who likes to know what is happening at their location.


About Novotech Technologies:

Through strategic partnerships with many of the world’s most advanced Machine-to-Machine (M2M) / Internet of Things (IoT) manufacturers, Novotech Technologies is a leading IoT company, providing best-in-class M2M/IoT products, services and solutions. Novotech works closely with the innovative companies to ensure we are able to help customers with any aspect of an IoT solution – from hardware fulfillment to solution consulting to end-to-end solutions. Established in 2001, Novotech is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, with offices throughout Canada and the United States. | @ NovotechM2M