Sept 10, 2018 Update on Tariffs and new methods to bring Trimble products in from China

by Steve Shock | Sep 10, 2018
Recently Novotech notified our customers about the new tariffs on Trimble products manufactured in China.

Unfortunately, many customers are not able to clear these products efficiently with their current customs broker. To streamline the clearing process, Novotech is now offering these products for sale with the 25% tariff applied to the price. We will then collect and submit the tax on behalf of our customers.

Not all Trimble products are subject to tariffs. Only Trimble parts manufactured in China, and of those, only GPS chipsets seem to be subject to the tariff. Some identical products have different HS codes based on packaging. This is to say that there may be a 500-piece reel of products that is not tariffed while the 100-piece reel is. Please make sure to check carefully if your products are affected.

I encourage everyone if they have questions to reach out to one of our sales reps to discuss your options and your order.

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