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Routers, Gateways & Modems

All of Novotechs latest router and gateway comparison charts. Compare technology, technical specs, software and more with our handy charts!

Here are the top ten things to look out for when you're buying a router, gateway or modem for your application.

Were you ready to have all of your employees work remotely on laptops and spotty home Wi-Fi? Was the speed of connection, security and access to files a problem? You're not alone. We've developed this short quiz and checklist to determine your state of readiness.

Trouble with your hardware? Look at our resource page for troubleshooting your router, modem or gateway.


Cellular antennas come in many different varieties with every combination of features your project could need. It can be a daunting task to choose what antenna your project needs. We have outlined a couple considerations for your business when choosing an antenna.

Antenna Comparison Charts from 3 different Antenna Brands. Check out Airgain, MobileMark and Trimble Antenna comparison charts.

Signal Boosters

Novotech’s key partner Cel-Fi produces some of the most reliable Smart Signal Boosters on the market. These boosters use all-digital powerful baseband processors to clean the coverage prior to rebroadcasting.  

Troubleshooting and detailed information about how Cel-Fi's signal boosters work.

See all models of Signal Boosters from Cel-Fi's line of Smart Cellular Coverage products.

Business Guides

Traditionally, monitoring of assets in the world of transportation was limited to expensive vehicles.  The reduction in cost/size of asset trackers has opened this up to lower cost items and packages.  With the introduction of new cellular technologies, this is expected to accelerate.

There are endless ways IoT solutions can be used in the energy sector. From Smart grid monitoring to AI and sensors, see the type of applications you can use for more efficient and effective IoT solutions in the energy industry.

Enterprise IoT includes solutions that ensure your business runs smoothly, keeps workers and your physical assets connected and productive in any fixed or mobile environment. Adding Enterprise IoT solutions to your business can lower the costs of operating a store, reduce theft and waste and decreasing the time that products spend in transit. See our applications and hardware page here.

IoT solutions can help keep public safety workers safer while making them more productive. One of the most essential things in the world of a First Responder is communication, and specifically, information. Police officers need information about specific people/places; Firefighters need information about buildings/systems, and EMS needs to be able to get/send information about patients. IoT can streamline efficiency, save budget and in some cases, make the job safer. Look at the three branches of first responders to see what IoT applications can be used for Fire, EMS, and police.

5G Updates & Information

Many telecom companies can hardly wait to adopt 5G into their organizations. However, 5G isn't taking off, as many have anticipated. While 5G promises to bring many benefits to the business front - those distributing 5G technologies have to catch up. Novotech is always on the cutting edge of technology - so many of our manufactures have ready to market 5G compatible products. See the list below to see who's offering 5G hardware.

All about 5G! See our answers on the basics and read our selection of articles written in house on 5G!

Canada has made huge strides in 5G - but it is not yet universally available. Where is 5G coverage, and where can't you get it? See our 5G maps for Canada here.

The USA has made huge strides in 5G - but it is not yet universally available? Where is 5G coverage, and where can't you get it. See our 5G maps for the US here.

What type of 5G equipment is available to you? What are the specifications? What is it compatible with? Find that information here!