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Why your business needs a Business Continuity Solution

In general, most good businesses tend to act conservatively.  They tend to ensure that there is enough money for a “rainy day”, they are well insured against lost and they tend to be cautious about how it spends money.

Some people look at Business Continuity as simply another form of insurance.  While it probably has some similarities to Insurance, it really has one main goal….a low cost way to prevent major issues with the day to day operation of your organization.

At Novotech, we think like you….we don't like to waste money on things we don’t need.  It is for that reason that we have come up with 4 different solutions as part of our Continuity Suite, to ensure that you only get what you really need.

Continuity Connect benefits:

  • Ensures a higher level of connectivity for your key network connections
  • Provides your company with an immediate Disaster Recovery plan
  • Increases the flexibility of placement of your device within your facility or at a 3rd party
  • Reduces the time to set up connectivity at new sites
  • Everything is done securely thanks to a subscription to Novotech’s SecureIoT Essential

Continuity Essential gives you all that Connect does, and in addition:

  • Reduces potential downtime of up to 4 key network devices by giving you both warning as to
          potential issues as well as the ability to fix many of those issues quickly and remotely
  • Lets you know if there are any potential Environmental issues near your key devices and lets
          you perform actions to rectify the situation
  • Adds an extra layer of security by allowing you to move administrative functions away from
         locally to over the air

Continuity Enterprise gives you all that Essential does, and in addition:

  • Provides an extra layer of Connectivity protection by adding an additional cellular connection
  • Increases the amount of devices that can be monitored to 8
  • Provides an even greater level of Connectivity security by including a subscription to
         Novotech’s SecureIoT Enterprise service
  • Includes monitoring for up to 2 Environmental conditions as part of the service
         (more are available as an option) 

Continuity Platinum gives you all that Enterprise does, and in addition:

  • Extends the monitoring capability for between 16 to 96 devices
  • Includes complete monitoring tools for all Environmental conditions