Continuity Connect

Continuity Connect

Just about all of your business relies on a secure, continuously-available Internet connection. Everything from financial transactions, inventory, customer orders, security and much more.  Protect your business by ensuring that your systems always have the Internet access that they need to work.

Novotech's Continuity Connect service is a turn-key, secure solution that can either be used as a backup for your main Internet connection or can be used as a Primary connection to the Internet.   In the event of a failure to your main line, Connect provides a high-speed connection to allow you to continue to run your business.

Benefits to your organization:

  • Ensures that your key services (POS, online portals, etc) stay working even during
        an outage to your connection.
  • Can be used as a way of setting up a remote connection quickly (to get you
    while you wait for a landline to be installed)
  • Allows for a low cost, secure method of communicating with remote assets like
         meters, kiosks, security gates and more.
  • Works with any router or as a standalone device.

While we are confident that just about any organization can benefit from this offering, it may be even more beneficial for:

Key Markets for Primary Connectivity:

  • Pop-up stores
  • Temporary work locations (like Construction sites)
  • Communicating with remote machines
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Mobile Work vehicles (like Food Trucks and Community Health)

Key Markets for Back-up Connectivity:

  • All retailers, restaurants and hospitality locations
  • Financial / Insurance offices
  • Government service locations

Is Continuity Connect the right solution for you? 

Continuity chart


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