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Continuity Enterprise

Remember when steady, consistent and secure Internet was simply a “nice to have” item for most organizations?  In today’s world, Internet downtime is simply not acceptable. It is now imperative that your key systems run often just to keep the doors open!

Novotech’s Continuity Enterprise service helps business keep key pieces of Technology up and running by:

  • Providing a secure, enterprise-grade connection that can be used either to back-up a key
             landline connection or as a standalone primary connection
  • Providing an extra layer of uptime by providing a second SIM card for additional protection
  • Giving you with an Industry-leading Out of Band Management (OOBM) tool for up to 8
           devices…use it to access/control key routers, UPS units, PBX systems and more.
  • Monitors the Environmental conditions for things the can affect your key pieces of
           equipment….like Extreme heat/cold, smoke, water and more.
  • Performs all of this securely, thanks to an included Subscription to Novotech’s SecureIoT
           Enterprise service.

This service ensures the highest level of availability for your key Internet connections, gives you an unequalled level of monitoring/control of your key devices and ensures that your devices have protection from extreme conditions.

Is Continuity Enterprise the right solution for you?  Check out this chart to see how it compares to other solutions in the Continuity Family…

Continuity chart

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