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Continuity Essential

Continuity Essential

For most businesses, Internet uptime is not a luxury….it is an Essential as just about any of your other tools and even some of your team itself.

Most Business Continuity solutions (including our Continuity Connect service) do a good job of backing up your Internet connections but most fail to help you diagnose and manage your router to the level that you need to keep things working smoothly.

Novotech’s Continuity Essential service provide that vital backup for your Internet connection and in addition it helps your business by:

  • Providing advanced remote monitoring to detect issues on your key devices (up to 4) before                          the device actually fails

  • Increasing the Local Security level of your key devices by moving all change capabilities off-site

  • Giving you the ability to make changes to your key devices…..such as configuration, remote
          updates and even Over-the-Air reimaging capabilities

  • Often reducing your overall communications costs by eliminating any expensive
           POTS lines being used for Out of Band Management (OOBM)

Reduce your downtime for your Internet connection and key devices, increase the security for your network and possibly even reduce on-going communication costs.  It's all possible with Continuity Essential.

Is Continuity Essential the right solution for you?  Check out this chart to see how it compares to other solutions in the Continuity Family...

Continuity chart